Monday, 23 April 2007
09:00 MA-1: Wireless Sensor Networks MA-2: QoS MA-3: Location      
  Chair: A. W. Aioffi Chair: M. G. Scutellà Chair: L. Gouveia      
  F. Z. H. de Souza, G. R. Mateus C. Duhamel, A. Mahul M.Trampont, C. Destré      
  Exact and Heuristic Approaches for Role Assignment Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks An Augmented Lagrangean Approach for the QoS Constrained Routing Problem Two approaches for solving a continuous location problem: Stochastic geometry and Operational Research      
  F.V.C. Martins, F. P. Quintão, F.G. Nakamura, G.R. Mateus M. Molnár, J. Levendovszky, P. Leguesdron, C. Végsö D. Gunnec, S. Salman    
  Model and Algorithms for the Density, Coverage and Connectivity Control Problem in Flat WSNs QoS multicast routing with uncertain link state information A Two-Stage Multi-Criteria Stochastic Programming for Location of Emergency Response Centers    
  A. W. Aioffi, G. R. Mateus, F. P. Quintão P. Cappanera, M. G. Scutellà I. Correia, L. Gouveia, F. S. da Gama      
  Optimization issues and Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sink Balanced paths in telecommunication networks: some computational results On capacitated location problems with modular links and general distribution costs      
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 MB-1: Welcome Talk by Bernard Fortz - Plenary Session 1 - Mikkel Thorup
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 MC-1: Semidefinite Prog. MC-2: Hop-constrained problems MC-3: Metaheuristics MC-4: Network Design
  Chair: F. Maffioli Chair: L. Gouveia Chair: M. Resende Chair: G. Carello
  A. Lisser, R. Lopez L. Gouveia, A. Paias, D. Sharma  T. Poranen, E. Mäkinen, H. He A. Knippel, V. H. Nguyen
  Application of Semi Definite relaxation and VNS for multiuser detection in synchronous CDMA Local Search Heuristics for the Hop-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the 2-page Crossing Number Problem On Tree-Star Network Design
  W. Ben-Ameur, J. Neto Q. Botton, B. Fortz C. Duhamel, M. Souza D. Lebedev, F. Matheiu, L. Viennot, A-T. Gai, J. Reynier, F. de Montgolfier
  Spectral Bounds for the Maximum Cut Problem Extended Node-Arc Formulation for the K-Edge-Disjoint Hop-Constrained Network Design Problem A GRASP heuristic for the Node Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem with Node Degree Costs On Using Matching Theory to Understand P2P Network Design
  G. Galbiatti, S. Gualandi, F. Maffioli L. Gouveia, N. Maculan, L. Simonetti, E. Uchoa D.V. Andrade, M. Resende P. Belotti, A. Capone, G. Carello, F. Malucelli, F. Senaldi, A. Totaro
  Computational Experience with a SDP-based Algorithm for Maximum Cut with Limited Unbalance Modelling the hop-constrained minimum spanning tree problem over a layered graph GRASP with path-relinking for network migration scheduling Design of Multi-layer networks with traffic grooming and statistical multiplexing
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 MD-1: Plenary session 2 - Eric Gourdin, Chair: Walid Ben-Ameur
17:00 ME-1: Uncertainty ME-2: Vehicle Routing ME-3: Location ME-4: Shortest Path Routing
  Chair: A. Aubry Chair: A. Balakrishnan Chair: S. Raghavan Chair: O. M. Guèye
  D. Günneç, S. Salman T.G. Crainic, J. Damay, M. Gendreau S. García, L. Cánovas, A. Marín M.P. Pettersson, R. Szymanek, K. Kuchcinski
  Assessing the Reliability and the Expected Performance of a Network under Disaster Risk An integrated freight transportation modelling framework New inequalities for the p-median Simple Plant Location Problem with Order A CP-LP Hybrid Method for Unique Shortest Path Routing Optimization
  A. Aubry, M-L. Espinouse, M. Jacomino A. Balakrishnan, X. A. Pan S. Raghavan, S. Chen O. M. Guèye, J. P. Dussault 
  A Max-Min approach to delay load-shedding in power distribution networks despite source-capacity uncertainties Optimizing Material Sourcing and Delivery Operations The Regenerator Location Problem A New Efficient Algorithm for Data Routing in Telecommunication Networks
Tuesday, 24 April 2007
09:00 TA-1: Combinatorial optimization TA-2: Shortest Path Routing TA-3: Network Management TA-4: Network Design
  Chair: M. Labbé Chair: M. Pióro Chair: W. Ogryczak Chair: E. Amaldi
  D. Goossens, F. Spieksma H. Ümit, B. Fortz D. Buchmann, D. Jungo, U. Ultes-Nitsche C. Raack, A.M.C.A. Koster, S. Orlowski, R. Wessäly 
  Recognizing matrix bid properties Fast Heuristic Techniques for Intra-Domain Routing Metric optimization A role model to cope with the complexity of network configuration Capacitated network design using general flow-cutset inequalities
  L.S. Moonen, F.C.R. Spieksma A. Özsoy, M. Labbé W. Ogryczak, T. Śliwiński T. Bektaş, T. G. Crainic
  Partitioning a Weighted Partial Order Integer programming techniques for optimal deployment of IS-IS protocol Lexicographic Max-Min Optimization for Efficient and Fair Bandwidth Allocation Decomposition Algorithms for Multicommodity Network Design Problems with Penalized Constraints
  Y. Frota, N. Maculan, T.F. Noronha, C.C. Ribeiro A. Altın, P. Belotti, M. Ç. Pınar W. Ogryczak, M. Milewski, A. Wierzbicki D. Wagner, U. Pferschy, P. Mutzel, G.R. Raidl, P. Bachhiesl
  A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Partition Coloring Problem OSPF Routing with Optimal Oblivious Performance Ratio Under Polyhedral Demand Uncertainty Fair and Efficient Bandwidth Allocation with the Reference Point Methodology A Directed Cut Model for the Design of the Last Mile in Real-World Fiber Optic Networks
  R.M.V. de Figueiredo, M. Labbé, C.C. de Souza M. Pióro, A. Tomaszewski        E. Amaldi, A. Capone, M. Cesana, F. Malucelli
  An integerformulation to the formulation of extracting embedded network submatrices Feasibility Issues in Shortest-Path Routing with Traffic Flow Split       On the design of Wireless Mesh Networks
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 TB-1: Plenary Session 3 - Adam Lechtford, Chair: Luis Gouveia
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 TC-1: Steiner trees TC-2: Routing TC-3: Trees TC-4: Survivability
  Chair: N. Thibault Chair: E. Gourdin Chair: S. Raghavan Chair: P. Patricio
  M. Santos, L. M. A. Drummond, E. Uchoa G. Carello, I. Filippini, S. Gualandi, F. Malucelli D. B.M.M. Fontes E. Eisenschmidt, M. Köppe, A. Laugier 
  Design and implementation of a Distributed Dual Ascent Algorithm for the Steiner Problem in Graphs Scheduling and routing in wireless multi-hop networks by column generation Diameter Constrained Trees for General Nonlinear Cost Flow Networks Network Survivability and Integer Minkowski Programs
  K. Prendergast, D. A. Thomas, J.F. Weng T. Stidsen, B. Petersen, K.B. Rasmussen, S. Spoorendonk, M. Zachariasen, F. Rambach, M. Kiese L. Gouveia, P. Moura M. Herzberg, D. Raz
  Optimising Gradient Constrained Networks with a Single Steiner Point in 3-Space Optimal Routing with Single Backup Path Protection Models for the Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem with Node-Degree dependent Costs Optimal Assignment of Pre-cross-connected Trails to Shared- Backup Path-Protection Resources
  N. Thibault, C. Laforest A. Bashllari, D. Nace, E. Gourdin, O. Klopfenstein I. Gamvros, L. Gouveia, S. Raghavan P. Patrício, L. Gouveia, A. de Sousa
  Minimizing the number of critical stages for the on-line steiner tree problem The MMF rerouting computation problem Reload Cost Trees and Network Design Traffic Engineering over Hop-Constrained Node Survivable Networks
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 TD-1: TSP       TD-3: Metaheuristics TD-4: Network Design
  Chair: P. Pesneau     Chair: F. Alvelos Chair: R. Wessäly
  H. Hernández-Pérez, I. Rodríguez-Martin, J.J. Salazar-González     H. Mabed, I. Devarenne, A. Caminada, T. Defaix P.N. Tran, U. Killat
  A new heuristic approach for the One-Commodity Pickup-and-Delivery Traveling Salesman Problem     Frequency Planning for Slow Frequency Hopping System Design of Logical Topology for IP over WDM Networks: Network Performance vs. Resource Utilization
  J. F. M. Sarubbi, H. P. L. Luna   M. Leither. B. Hu, G. R. Raidl M. Scheffel, M. Kiese, T. Stidsen
  The Multicommodity Traveling Salesman Problem   Variable Neighborhood Search for the Generalized Minimum Edge Biconnected Network Problem A Clustering Approach for Scalable Network Design
  J. F. M. Sarubbi, H. P. L. Luna     A. Mauttone, S. Nesmachnow, A. Olivera, F. Robledo  S. Orlowski, A.MC.A. Koster, C. Raack, R. Wessäly
  A New Flow Formulation for the Minimum Latency Problem     A hybrid metaheuristic algorithm to solve the Capacitated m-Ring Star Problem Two-layer Network Design by Branch-and-Cut featuring MIP-based Heuristics
  M. T. Godinho, L. Gouveia, T. L. Magnanti, P. Pesneau, J. Pires     F. Alvelos, J. M. Valério de Carvalho S. Orlowski, M. Pióro, A. Tomaszewski, R. Wessäly 
  On Time-Dependent Models for Unit Demand Vehicle Routing Problems       A local search heuristic based on column generation applied to the binary multicommodiy flow problem SNDlib 1.0-Survivable Network Design Library
Wednesday, 25 April 2007
09:00 WA-1: Integer Programming WA-2: Graph Theory WA-3: COST 293 WA-4: Network Design
  Chair: G. Savard Chair: H. Cancela Chair: A.M.C.A. Koster Chair: A. Luntovskyy
  P. Meurdesoif, P. Pesneau,  F. Vanderbeck C. Tanguy A. Tomaszewski, M. Píoro, M. Dzida, M. Mycek, M. Zagozdzon S. Eum, R. Harris, I. Atov
  Metter Installation for monitoring network traffic Exact two-terminal reliability for the double fan Valid Inequalities for a Shortest-Path Routing Optimization Problem A Matching Model for MAP-2 using Moments of the Counting Process
  L. Gouveia, T. Magnanti, C. Requejo S. Guo, O. Yang, V. Leung, L. Chen A.M.C.A Koster, M. Scheffel H. Schachnai, L. Zhang, T. Matsui
  Tight Models for Special Cases of the Diameter-Constained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem Two performance Guaranteed Multicast Algorithms for Lifetime Optimization in WANETs A Routing and Network Dimensioning Strategy to reduce Wavelength Continuity Conflicts in All-Optical Networks On Rank Aggregation of Multiple Orderings in Network Design
  C. Mannino, F. Rossi, A. Sassano, S. Smriglio F. Tigrine, H. Kheddouci I. S. Valls, J. Žerovnik S.E. Terblanche, R. Wessäly, J.M. Hattingh
  A unified view in planning broadcasting networks A Distributed Fully Dynamic Algorithm for Maintaining a Minimal Feedback Vertex Set in a Graph Optimal Permutation Routing on Mesh Networks Solution Strategies for the Multi-Hour Network Design Problem
  G. Heilporn, M. Labbé, P. Marcotte, G. Savard P. Rodríguez-Bocca, H. Cancela A.M.C.A Koster, A. Zymolka A. Luntovskyy, T. Trofimova, N. Trofimova, D. Gütter, A. Schill
  The Highway Problem: models, complexity and valid inequalities Modelling cache expiration dates policies in content networks Demand-wise Shared Protection and Multiple Failures To a proposal towards Standardization of Network Design Markup Language
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 WB-1: Plenary Session 4 - Gilles Savard, Chair: Martine Labbé
12:30 Lunch Break