EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award Finalists and Winners


  • Spyridon Pougkakiotis (UK) - Regularized Interior Point Methods for Convex Programming
  • Matthias Soppert (Germany) - Demand Management in Shared Mobility Systems
  • Cristina Molero-Río (France) - Enhancing classification and regression trees. A mathematical optimization approach
  • Jan-Rasmus Kuennen WHU – (Germany) - Advanced Demand-Capacity Balancing Mechanisms to Improve Performance of European Air Traffic Networks
  • Henri Lefebvre (Germany) - Adjustable Robust Optimization with Non-Linear Recourse [WINNER]


  • Jérôme De Boeck (Switzerland/Belgium) - From vertical to horizontal structures: New optimization challenges in electricity markets
  • Daniel Rehfeldt (Germany) - Faster algorithms for Steiner tree and related problems: From theory to practice [WINNER]
  • Johannes Thürauf (Germany) - Feasibility for Maximal Uncertainty Sets in Robust Optimization with Application to Gas Networks
  • Michael Kahr (Austria) - Mathematical optimization for social network analysis: Influcene maximization and community detection


  • Alexandre Florio (Austria) - Models and Solution Methods for Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problems [WINNER]
  • Mercedes Pelegrín (France) - Set Packing, Location and Related Problems
  • Felix Weidinger (Germany) - E-Commerce Warehousing: Order Fulfillment in Modern Retailing
  • Petra Renáta Rigó (Hungary) - New Trends in Algebraic Equivalent Transformation of the Central Path and its Applications

Jury: Hande Yaman (chair) , Yves Crama, Laura Palagi, Kathrin Klamroth, Stefan Minner

2019 (Videos)

  • Martina Fischetti (Denmark) - Mathematical Programming Models and Algorithms for Offshore Wind Park Design [WINNER]
  • Elisabeth Rodriguez-Heck (Germany) - Linear and quadratic reformulations of nonlinear optimization problems in binary variables
  • Mathias Sirvent (Germany) - Incorporating Differential Equations into Mixed-Integer Programming for Gas Transport Optimization

Jury: Bernardo Almada-Lobo (chair), Hande Yaman, Yves Crama, Mikhail Y. Kovalyov, Ivana Ljubic

2018 (Videos)

  • Maria Margarida da Silva Carvalho (Portugal) - Computation of Equilibria on Integer Programming Games [WINNER]
  • Martin Luipersbeck (Austria) - Large-scale network optimization: Steiner tree problems
  • Maximilian Schiffer (Germany) - Logistics Networks with Intermediate Stops – Designing Innovative and Green Solutions

Jury: Richard Hartl (chair), Bernardo Almada-Lobo, Hande Yaman, Jutta Geldermann, Julia Bennell

2016 (Videos)

  • Ruth Domínquez Martin (Spain) - Planning and Operations in Fully Renewable Electric Energy Systems
  • Raca Todosijevic (Serbia) - Theoretical and Practical Contributions on Scatter Search, Variable Neighbourhood Search and Matheuristics for 0-1 Mixed Integer Programs [WINNER]
  • Joergen Haahr (Denmark) - Reactive Robustness and Integrated Approaches for Railway Optimization Problems

Jury: Ahti Salo (chair), Richard Hartl, Bernardo Almada-Lobo, Karl Schmedders, Emilio Carrizosa


  • Luis Cadarso Morga (Spain) - Robustness and Recoverability in Transport Logistics
  • Joachim Arts (The Netherlands) - Spare Parts Planning and Control for Maintenance Operations [WINNER]
  • Timo Berthold (Germany) - From Structures to Heuristics to Global Solvers
  • Arnoud den Boer (The Netherlands) - Dynamic Pricing and Learning

Jury: Hartmut Stadtler (chair), Ahti Salo, Richard Hartl, Maria-Antónia Carravilla, Lidija Zadnik-Stirn, Emilio Carrizosa


  • Milosz Kadzinski (Poland) - New Directions in Robustness Analysis and Preference Modeling in Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding
  • Nikky Kortbeek (The Netherlands) - Quality-Driven Efficiency in Healthcare
  • Christian Raack (Germany) - Capacitated Network Design: Multi-Commodity Flow Formulations, Cutting Planes, and Demand Uncertainty [WINNER]

Jury: Silvano Martello (chair), Hartmut Stadtler, Ahti Salo, Fran Ackermann, Leo Liberti


  • Wouter Souffriau (Belgium) - Automated Tourist Decision Support
  • Carolina Osorio (Switzerland) - Mitigating network congestion: analytical models, optimization methods and their applications [WINNER]
  • Federico Liberatore (Spain) - Protection Planning for Critical Infrastructure Systems in Location Analysis: Models and Algorithms

Jury: Jacques Teghem (chair), Silvano Martello, Hartmut Stadtler, Ahti Salo, Stéphane Dauzère-Péres


  • Brecht Cardoen (Belgium) - Operating room planning and scheduling: solving a surgical case sequencing problem
  • Claudia D’Ambrosio (Italy) - Application-oriented Mixed Integer Non-Linear Programming [WINNER]
  • Sureyya Ozogur-Akyuz (Turkey) - A mathematical contribution of statistical learning and continuous optimization using infinite and semi-infinite programming to computational statistics

Jury: Mikael Rönnqvist (chair), Jacques Teghem, Silvano Martello, Hartmut Stadtler, Ahti Salo


  • Tobias Achterberg (Germany) - Advances in mip - new tricks for the bag [WINNER]
  • Lars Magnus Hvattum (Norway) - Heuristics for stochastic vehicle and inventory routing problems
  • Boglarka G.-Toth (Hungary) - Interval methods for competitive location problems

Jury: Denis Bouyssou (chair), Mikael Rönnqvist, Jacques Teghem, Silvano Martello, Hartmut Stadtler


  • Andreas Bley (Germany) - Capacity and routing optimization for IP networks
  • Bram Kranenburg (The Netherlands) - Spare parts Inventory control under system availability constraints [WINNER]
  • Christian Liebchen (Germany) - Periodic timetable optimization in public transport

Jury: Laureano Escudero (chair), Denis Bouyssou, Mikael Rönnqvist, Guatam Mitra, Jacques Teghem


  • Bruno M.P. M. Oliveira (Portugal) - Design of Survivable Networks with Bounded -Length Paths
  • Manuel Iori (Italy) - Metaheuristic Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
  • Marta Szachniuk (Poland) - Combinatorial Analysis of 2D-NOESY spectra in Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy of RNA Molecules [WINNER]

Jury: Jean-Pierre Brans (chair), Maurice Shutler, Jaap Spronk


  • Jorge Riera Ledesma (Spain) - The Travelling Purchaser Problem [WINNER]
  • Morten Riis (Denmark) - Classical and Non-Classical Stochastic Recourse Programs with Applications in Telecommunications [WINNER]
  • Olivier Spanjaard (France) - Exploitation de Préférences Non-Classiques dans les Problèmes Combinatoires: Modèles et Algorithmes pour les Graphes [WINNER]

Jury: Jean-Pierre Brans (chair), Pierre Hansen, José Figueira, Maurice Shutler, Jaap Spronk

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