EURO Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy statement

EURO (the Society) recognises that providing equality of opportunity, valuing diversity and promoting a culture of inclusion are vital to the success of the Society.

The Society is committed to creating an inclusive culture that supports equality and diversity and fully reflects both its membership and the global Operational Research community. The Society seeks to actively encourage all practices that reflect a diverse society.

To address this, the Society will ensure that gender equality is appropriately embedded and prioritised across the Society's structure and activities. We will ensure that equality is embedded in all our activities, policies and decisions and will work with national societies, EURO Working Groups and the wider EURO community to share good practice. Key to this is our commitment to implementing a programme of activity to progress our equality aims and objectives.

The Society is committed to fulfil the goal of Gender Equality similar to that promoted by the European Research Council (


The Society will take active steps to fulfil these responsibilities and promote good practice by:

  • Developing and publishing EURO diversity objectives, as well as mainstreaming equality, diversity and inclusion ("EDI") in to the Society's planning processes
  • Creating a EURO EDI Action Plan as well as a roadmap of actions that will be undertaken to achieve EDI goals
  • Publishing this policy statement widely amongst members and on our website
  • Promoting awareness and understanding of EDI matters among members, societies and working groups through policies, guidance and campaigns
  • Promoting proactive strategies through partners and collaborators, like publishers (
  • Raising awareness of our policies and commitment to EDI with external societies, national societies, commercial sponsors and any institution or entity collaborating with EURO
  • Assessing the impact of policies, content and practices to identify, remove or mitigate any disadvantage to underrepresented groups
  • Taking action to redress any gender imbalance highlighted from monitoring data


The overall guiding principle for the strategy is creating an environment where everyone is encouraged, supported, welcomed and has an equal chance to participate and excel in EURO activities.

The EDI goals apply to all EURO activities, including committees, nominations, funded activities and publications as specified in the following:

  • At least one third of female editors of EURO Journals
  • Minimum of one female member on juries, panels and committees including conference organising and programme committees. Gender balance is preferred and should be ideally achieved
  • Where nominations for awards do not include both genders, juries should seek further nominations
  • Keynote speakers should be as far as possible gender balanced
  • Conference stream organisers should seek gender balance in chair duties

Implementation, Monitoring and Review

This Policy will be implemented through the EURO's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. Progress against actions and objectives will also be reported in the EURO Executive Committee.

EURO will assess the impact of this Policy by monitoring as follows:

  • EURO Funded Instruments will provide data to the Executive Committee on organised events as part of their annual or event report
  • The Executive Committee will monitor the composition of committees, juries, boards and nomination of prize candidates

Version 1 approved by EC Feb 2021

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