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Motivation and objectives

EUROYoung is a EURO Forum dedicated to Operational Researchers who belong to one of the EURO National Societies and are new to the world of O.R. The Forum is born with the following objectives:

  • To foster collaboration among students and early-career O.R. researchers.
  • To provide early-stage O.R. scholars and practitioners with tools to advance their careers, with a special emphasis on training.
  • To create networks both among junior researchers and connecting with senior leaders in the field of O.R.
  • To connect demand and offer in the O.R. job market, both in academia and in the industry.


The main tool to reach the above objectives is the organisation of events targeted to early-stage O.R. Researchers, such as workshops, conferences, PhD schools and seminar series. When organising these events, we have the following specific aims in mind:

  • We want to create a bond between researchers going through a delicate phase of their career and preparing to become the faculty and practitioners of tomorrow.
  • We promote peer-education and give young researchers the opportunity to teach their colleagues something unique they have learnt.
  • We facilitate knowledge sharing from established and excellent O.R. to the new generations.
  • We provide (very affordable) opportunities for young researchers to present their work, receive feedback, learn and network.
  • We promote EURO and its activities, instruments and resources.

Membership requirements

To be a member of the Forum, a person shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. Be a member of an O.R. National Society affiliated with EURO.
  2. Be an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral student, or a young faculty member/practitioner in the field of O.R., or have a strong interest in Operational Research, Decision Science, Machine Learning or Data Science.
  3. Be at most 35 years old (“young by age”) or, otherwise, have completed their PhD no later than 5 years ago (“young in the field”, irrespective of age).


The Forum is steered by a committee. The committee is composed of one coordinator, and at most 9 further members. Each member can also have a special designation and responsibility over a particular area (e.g., treasurer, social media manager). The organising committee of the EUROYoung Workshops is de facto considered a part of the Forum committee for all matters related to the organisation of the workshop.

The Forum committee is elected by all members of the Forum, during an assembly organised during the EUROYoung workshop, and stays in charge until the next workshop is organised (typically each year).

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