Videos and Presentations

EURO 2016

Opening session

Keynote: José Fernando Oliveira

EURO 2015

EURO 2012

Closing session

IFORS Distinguished Lecture

Ralph E. Gomory (Session Chair: Dominique de Werra)


Jonathan Caulkins (Session Chair: Richard Hartl)

Matteo Fischetti (Session Chair: Elena Fernández)

Bjorn Jorgensen (Session Chair: Peter Letmathe)

Ceyda Oguz (Session Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber)

Boris Polyak (Session Chair: Leonidas Sakalauskas)


Guy Desaulniers (Session Chair: Marc Sevaux)

Jitka Dupacova (Session Chair: Stein W. Wallace)

Karla Hoffman (Session Chair: Mikael Rönnqvist)

Anita Schöbel (Session Chair: Gerhard Wäscher)

Kenneth Sörensen (Session Chair: Marc Sevaux)

EURO 2001

EURO 1995

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