EURO Online Seminar Series (Guidelines)

Mission and Purpose

According to the statutes, one of the aims of EURO is to promote Operational Research in Europe. Part of this activity is ensuring the dissemination of results and facilitating an active dialogue and open interaction within our community. A major action is through standard publications within a series, like journals and books, or periodic meetings like the annual EURO conferences or the regular EWG meetings. Based on modern communication technologies, EURO wants to support new digital formats where researchers communicate their new findings and discuss them with the audiences through online channels. More precisely, with this instrument EURO promotes and supports the “EURO Online Seminar Series on Operational Research” (EURO OSS).

Structure and contents

A EURO Online Seminar Series is a number of “meetings” with a common topic within Operational Research. For example, it can be the topic of a EURO working group, but other topics are also admissible.

EURO A meeting in a EURO Online Seminar Series consists of a live presentation followed by a possibility for the audience to ask questions and interact with the speaker. The speaker of the meeting should be a reputed researcher and the meeting must take place through a digital channel, like Skype, Zoom, Meet or similar. The duration of each meeting should be at least 30 minutes. The selection of speakers should be in accordance with the EURO Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion statement. Each meeting must be digitally recorded, and the recording must afterwards be made freely available for the OR community. The recording should be made available to allow for offline viewing from the EURO website; dedicated tools for uploading the videos and server space will be provided by EURO.

A EURO Online Seminar Series must consist of at least ten “meetings” per year. There should be a researcher (member of a national society within EURO) responsible for the correct development of the activity. That person will act as Editor-in-Chief of the activity, free to select other persons to help the correct development of the activity.

Financial arrangements

EURO will support a EURO Online Seminar Series with a yearly budget. The amount of money will depend on the number of yearly meetings.

The support will be €4000 when the series consists of at least ten meetings per year, and €6000 if there are at least twenty meetings per year. The maximum amount allocated to an Online Seminar Serie is €6000. The money will be granted to the organising university nominated by the applicant. The financial support is intended to help with the administration and development of the activity. Through the financial support of the series EURO does not ensure further financial support for equipment, software or similar.

The EURO logo should be shown in all material of the Series, including in each meeting. EURO will advertise the activity in the EURO website as EURO Online Seminar Series. Also, the EURO website will collect and make the recording of meetings available, which is compatible with making the same material available through other online platforms. The activity can be sponsored by other associations and promoted in social media. The material of the activity cannot be sold to individuals or societies without the written permission of EURO.

The correct development of the activity will be supervised by the Vice-President 3 of the EURO Executive Committee, who will receive a written report of the activity every year from the Editor-in-Chief.


One or more EURO Online Seminar Series yearly may be granted by the EURO Executive Committee. An application for a EURO Online Seminar Series will be headed by a researcher (denoted the “applicant”) from our scientific community to the EURO Vice-President 3 before April 1st of each year.

The applicant must be a member of a National society within the EURO. The applicant is responsible for correctly using the grant based on this instrument. The applicant will act as the Editor-in-Chief of the activity and be free to select other persons to help with the correct development of the activity as described in section concerning structure and contents.

The Vice-President 3 of the EURO Executive Committee is responsible for:

    • Advertising at least one yearly call for applications to the instrument as well as ensuring a clear timeline for deadlines within the instruments.
    • Supporting the applicants in the use of the grant.
    • Communicating with potential applicants to follow the correct use of the instrument.

The application should contain a description of the aim of the activity, the topic, the potential audience, and a list of potential speakers for the next three coming meetings.

The Editor-in-Chief must re-apply for the extension every year through the regular call for application.

Applications should be submitted using the link

Deadline 15th May 2024

[Latest guidelines approved April 2024]

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