EURO organizes a number of different conferences and events throughout each year. Many are supported by the EURO web app


The EURO-k conference series is the major EURO event. It is hosted by one of the EURO member societies and typically attracting around 2000 participants. The conferences take place yearly, except the years when there is an IFORS triennial conference. 

EURO Mini Conferences 

EURO organise and support more specialised conferences. A limited number of participants are supported in attending a conference, proposed by a member of a member society of EURO, which focuses around a specific theme.

Joint International Conferences

In order to promote and further develop international cooperation, EURO (co-) organizes and supports joint conferences with national OR Societies outside EURO and other regional bodies within IFORS. Significant financial support (up to 10,000 Euros per year) can be made available for the organization of such events (other than EURO-k Conferences). Please see the guidelines for more information.


EURO 2025

EURO 2025

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