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At the EURO Council Meeting in September 2021 EURO set up a new instrument, EURO Forums. Forums are groups tasked with progressing a specific initiative that supports the ongoing health and vitality of OR research and practice. A EURO Forum differentiates itself from a EWG by promoting the health and vitality of OR without tying itself to a specific research domain or methodology.

The first EURO Forum, WISDOM (Women In Society: Doing Operational Research and Management Science) was set up in 2019 and formally approved as a EURO Forum in September 2020. It was also agreed in September 2020 to add the Young OR Initiative. The Practitioners' Forum was formerly a EURO Working Group that was transferred to a Forum as it better serves the needs of an overarching need to address the issues of OR in Practice. The Education Forum similarly allows all aspects of OR education to be discussed across the range or topics in OR.

More details on the organisation and activities of EURO Forums are stated in the charter of the EURO Forums.

More information about EURO Forums can be obtained from EURO. The EURO-officer in charge of Working Groups is the EURO Vice President 2.


Last updated on 10th November 2023.

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