General Support Fund (Guidelines)

The purpose of the General Support Fund (GSF) is to support any activity related to EURO that cannot be covered by other instruments of EURO.


The General Support fund should not be used as a support to regular activities of the member societies and EURO working groups (such as national meetings and conferences). Also bids aiming at supporting a single individual are not acceptable.

Priority will always be given to:

  • bids that give special consideration to the need of students (e.g., organiser of an event related to EURO willing to subsidise the participation of students),
  • bids that give special consideration to the need of organisers of OR events in Central and Eastern Europe,
  • bids that emanate from a member society of EURO or organisers of EURO sponsored events or organisers of events sponsored by a member society of EURO.


  • Each year, the EC will allocate a budget to the GSF.
  • Each year the EURO Secretary will make a call for bids for the GSF.
  • If there is still money left, applications arriving after the deadline of the call will be evaluated on a first-come first-serve monthly basis until there is no funding left.
  • The bids are kept informal. They should, however, always contain a description of the project and a budget. They should mention the support that has been obtained or solicited from other sources. Organisers of events receiving General Support funds from EURO are required:

    • to publicise the support of EURO in the documents of the Conference,
    • to produce a report on the use of the funds no later than 3 months after the event,
    • to accompany their report by all original receipts.

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