Cooperation with Other National Societies & Regional Organizations

In order to promote and further develop international cooperation, EURO (co-) organizes and supports joint conferences with national OR Societies outside Europe and other regional bodies within IFORS. Significant financial support can be made available for the organization of such events (other than EURO-k Conferences).


  • The conference should be named
    Joint EURO/xxx International Conference 20xx (on ...)
    when it is organized in a country of a EURO member society, and
    Joint xxx/EURO International Conference 20xx (on ...)
    when it is organized in a country of the partner society.

  • The conference may be organized either by EURO or by its partner organization. If a series of recurrent conferences is planned, every second event should be organized in a country of a EURO member society.

  • The conference is open to everyone interested in the field; the conference language is English. Potential organizers should be able to demonstrate in advance that a reasonable number of participants (> 100) can be attracted to the conference. There should be a reasonable balance between the number of participants of the two involved organizations.

  • The application will be submitted to EURO by a member of a EURO national society, who will be the contact person with the Executive Committee.

  • The conference will feature a EURO Plenary speaker, following the EURO guidelines for these plenaries.

  • The Program Committee is co-chaired by a delegate from EURO and a delegate from the partner organization. The Program Committee Co-Chairs will be selected in close cooperation between the President of EURO and the partner organization. The Organizing Committee is chaired by a delegate from the hosting organization. By default, the Co-Chairs of the Program Committee are members of the Organizing Committee, while the Chair of the Organizing Committee is a member of the Program Committee.

  • One joint conference can be organized per year, for which EURO provides up to 5,000 Euros as financial support, plus the funding to cover the cost of the EURO Plenary.

  • Proposals for hosting a joint international conference and applications for sponsorship should be received by EURO at least two years in advance of the event.

  • EURO must be identified as a co-organizer of the event. The EURO logo must be presented in prominent places of all promotion materials, on the website, in the abstract booklet etc. of the event.

  • The conference organizers provide a report about the conference not later than six months after the meeting.

Responsible and contact within EURO: President of EURO

[Latest guidelines approved July 2017]

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