Welcome to the EURO WISDOM Forum. WISDOM stands for Women In Society: Doing Operational Research and Management Science.



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We are happy to announce the first publication by WISDOM, titled "Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusivity in EURO Activities".

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Forthcoming events

YoungWomen4OR: This initiative aims to introduce to our community emerging young women working in OR, either in academia or in the industry. The WISDOM Forum will promote selected individuals by spotlighting their work through EURO channels and providing networking and mentoring opportunities. The deadline for the candidates’ application is September 15th, 2020. Please see the call for applications for more information and sign up here. All young women working in OR are strongly encouraged to participate!


Past events

EURO WISDOM Webinar OR/MS for Healthcare and Gender, July 20, 2020


WISDOM Webinar: Bias/Fairness and Artificial Intelligenge, April 20, 2020


EURO 2019 Women in OR


2018 Women in Science 

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