Past and Upcoming Events

Year: 2021
Name: Xth Joint ALIO/EURO International Conference 2021 on Applied Combinatorial Optimization
Date: 29 November 29-1 December 2021
Location: Viña del Mar
Country: Chile
Theme: Applied Combinatorial Optimization
Chairs: Eduardo Moreno, Elena Fernández (EURO Co-Chair), Javier Marenco (ALIO Co-Chair)

Year: 2018
Name: Joint EURO/ALIO International Conference 2018 on Applied Combinatorial Optimization 
Date: 25-27 June 2018 
Location: Bologna
Country: Italy
Theme: Applied Combinatorial Optimization
Chairs: Paolo Toth, Valentina Cacchiani, Enrico Malaguti

Year: 2017
Name: Joint EURO/ORSC/ECCO International Conference 2017 on Combinatorial Optimization
Date: 4-6 May 2017
Location: Koper
Country: Slovenia
Theme: Combinatorial Optimization
Number of delegates: 133
Number of papers: 104
Chair of PC : Andrej Brodnik (Slovenia)/Guochuan Zhang(China)
Chair of OC: Andrej Brodnik (Slovenia)/Degang Liu(China)

Year: 2015
Name: Joint ORSC/EURO International Conference on Continuous Optimization
Date: 10-12 May 2015
Location: Shanghai
Country: China
Theme: Continuous Optimization
Number of delegates: 220
Number of papers : 86
Chair of PC: Yuhong Da (China)/Julius Žilinskas (Lithuania)
Chair of OC: Yanqin Bai (China)/Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber (Turkey)
Report: Final Report

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