2016 Poznań EURO-k

Opening Session

Opening Session


Yurii Nesterov and Maurice Queyranne - EURO Gold Medallists
Dimitris Bertsimas - Machine Learning and Statistics via a Modern Optimization Lens [Chair: Daniele Vigo]
Robert Aumann - Why Optimize? An Evolutionary Perspective [Chair: Roman Slowinski/Daniele Vigo]
Rolf Möhring - Optimizing the Kiel Canal - Integrating Dynamic Network Flows and Scheduling [Chair: Jan Weglarz]

Memorial Session

Memorial Session for former EURO Presidents Maurice Shutler and Rolf Tomlinson [Chair: Graham Rand/Jakob Krarup]


Spatial-Multi Criteria Evaluation Decision Support System [Chair: Valentina Ferretti/Luc Boerboom]

Award Sessions

EDDA Finalists

EEPA Finalists

Keynotes and Tutorials

Marielle Christiansen - Optimization of Maritime Transportation [Chair: Wout Dullaert]
Alexander Shapiro - Risk Averse and Distributionally Robust Multistage Stochastic Optimization [Chair: Mustafa Pinar]
Hans Georg Bock - Mixed-Integer Optimal Control - Theory, Numerical Solution and Nonlinear Model Predictive Control [Chair: Ekaterina Kostina]
José Fernando Oliveira - Waste Minimization: the Contribution of Cutting and Packing Problems for a More Competitive and Environmentally Friendly Industry [Chair: Erik Demeulemeester]
Gerrit Timmer - Making an Impact with OR; Lessons Learned from 35 Years of Experience in Applying OR [Chair: Ruth Kaufman]
Emma Hart - Lifelong Learning in Optimization [Chair: David Pisinger]
Pablo Moscato - Information-based Medicine and Combinatorial Optimization: Opportunities and Challenges [Chair: Ivana Ljubic]
Marc Pirlot - Preference Elicitation and Learning in a Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Perspective: Specificities and Fertilization through Inter-disciplinary Dialogue [Chair: Salvatore Greco]
Stephen J. Wright - Optimization in Data Analysis [Chair: Dolores Romero Morales]
Giovanni Rinaldi - Maximum Weight Cuts in Graphs and Extensions [Chair: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber]

Closing Session

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