2019 Dublin EURO-k

Opening Session

Opening Session


Martine Labbé - EURO Gold Medallist Ulrike Reisach - Artificial Intelligence – How Ethics and Governance Could Contain the Manipulation of Societies [Chair: Seán McGarraghy]
William Cook - IFORS distinguished Lecturer - The Traveling Salesman Problem: postcards from the edge of impossibility [Chair: M. Grazia Speranza] Dick Den Hertog - What every OR practitioner should know about Robust Optimization [Chair: Luís Gouveia]

Special Sessions

Women in OR Giovanni Felici - European Research Council: past results and future opportunities
EJOR: policy, facts and highlights - intro by Roman Słowiński EJOR: policy, facts and highlights - Inventory rebalancing and vehicle routing in bike sharing systems - Willem-Jan van Hoeve
EJOR: policy, facts and highlights - Humanitarian logistics network design under mixed uncertainty: A narrative of an EJOR paper and its impact - Afshin Mansouri EJOR: policy, facts and highlights - Policy and facts about the European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR) - Roman Słowiński

Award Sessions

EDDA Finalists

EEPA Finalists

ROADEF/EURO Challenge Finalists


Closing Session

Closing Session

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