EURO Management Science Strategic Innovation Prize Laureates

  • 2010
    Topic: Optimization in Telecommunications
    Ioannis Gamvros and Subramanian Raghavan
    Multi-Period Traffic Routing in Satellite Networks.
  • 2009
    Topic: Disruption Management and Robustness in Decision Making
    Lars Kjær Nielsen and Gábor Maróti
    Disruption Management of Rolling Stock in Passenger Railway Transportation.
  • 2007 Report
    Topic: Logistics
    Mikael Frisk, Maud Goethe-Lundgren, Kurt Joernsten, and Mikael Rönnqvist
    Cost Allocation in Collaborative Forest Transportation.
    Lori Houghtalen, Özlem Ergun, and Joel Sokol
    Designing Allocation Mechanisms for Carrier Alliances.
  • 2004 Report
    Topic: Performance Management and Benchmarking
    Timo Kuosmanen, Laurens Cherchye and Timo Sipiläinen
    The law of one price in data envelopment analysis: restricting weight flexibility across firms.
  • 2003 Report
    Topic: Market Coordination in Supply Chain Management
    Stefan Spinler and Arnd Huchzermeier
    The Valuation of Options on Capacity in the Presence of State-Contingent Demand.

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