EWI XXXIV - Frankfurt, Germany 2018
5 - 16 March 2018
Organiser(s): Christian Almeder, Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès
Lot-Sizing and Related Topics
Final Report

EWI XXXIII - Bressanone, Italy 2017
14 - 23 February 2017
Organiser(s): Riccardo Rossi (chair), Massimiliano Gastaldi, Gregorio Gecchele
Theme: Methods and models in transportation problems
Final Report

ESI XXXII - Szeged, Hungary 2015
15 - 27 June 2015
Organiser(s): János Balogh, József Békési, János Csirik, György Dósa, Tibor Illés, Csanád Imreh, Miklós Krész, Attila Tóth
Theme: Online Optimization
Final Report

ESI XXXI - Bard, Italy 2014
11-20 June 2014
Organiser(s): Roberto Aringhieri, Vincent Knight, Honora Smith
Theme:  Operational Research Applied to Health in a Modern World
Final Report 

ESI XXX - Lleida, Spain 2014
19 July-1 August 2014
Organiser(s): Laureano Escudero, Frederik Garcia, Ilan halachmi, Andrew Higgins, Anders R. Kristensen, Jacqueline Bloemhof, Lluis M. Plà
Theme:  OR in Agriculture and Agrifood Industry
Final Report 

ESI XXIX - Porto, Portugal 2012
16-27 July 2012
Organiser(s): António Miguel Gomes
Theme:  Cuttting and Packing
Final Report 

ESI XXVIII - Bremen, Germany 2012
3-15 June 2012
Organiser(s): Christian Bierwirth
Theme: Maritime Logistics 
Final Report

ESI XXVII - Klagenfurt, Austria 2010
20 August - 4 September 2010
Organiser(s): Franz Rendl
Theme: Nonlinear Methods in Combinatorial Optimization 
Final Report 

ESI XXVI - Lleida, Spain 2009
25 July - 8 August 2009
Organiser(s): L.M. Plà
Theme: OR in Agriculture and Forest Management 
Final Report 

EWI XXV - Estoril, Portugal 2007
27 January - 10 February 2007
Organiser(s): Francisco Saldanha da Gama
Theme: Location and Logistics
Final Report 

EWI XXIV - Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany 2006
18 August - 2 September 2006
Organiser(s): Mirjam Dür
Theme: Optimization Challenges in Engineering: Methods, Software, and Application
Final Report 

ESI XXIII - Southampton, UK 2005
24 July - 7 August 2005
Organiser(s): Sally Brailsford
Theme: OR in Healthcare
Final Report 

ESI XXII - Ankara, Turkey 2004
9-25 July 2004
Organiser(s): Bülent Karasözen
Theme: Optimization and Data Mining
Final Report 

ESI XXI - Neringa, Lithuania 2003
25 July - 7 August 2003
Organiser(s): Leonidas Sakalauskas
Theme:  Stochastic and Heuristic Methods in Optimization
Final Report 

ESI XX - Grainau, Germany 2002
August 2002
Organiser(s): Hartmut Stadtler
Theme:  Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning

ESI XIX - Toulouse, France 2001
9-21 september 2001
Organisers: Patrice Perny, Alexis Tsoukias
Theme:  Decision Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
Final Report 

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