EURO Gold Medal

The EURO Gold Medal (EGM): is the highest distinction within OR in Europe and it was introduced as a EURO instrument in 1983. It was first awarded to Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann (Germany) at the EURO-k conference in Bologna in 1985. In the year preceding a EURO-k conference. nominations are made to a jury consisting of five scholars of recognized stature in the OR community. The award is conferred on a prominent person or team or institution, for an outstanding contribution to the OR science. The award is officially bestowed in conjunction with a EURO-k Conference, if there is a suitable candidate. Only one award may be made on each occasion.

The 2018 EURO Gold Medal is awarded to:

Silvano Martello


The EGM 2018 jury consisted of Luk Van Wassenhove (chair), M. Grazia Speranza, Marielle Christiansen, Juan José Salazar González, David Lane.

The awards were presented at the opening session of the EURO 2018 Conference in Valencia (Spain).

The period for nominations for the 2019 EGM is not yet open. It will be announced in October 2018.

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