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The EURO Gold Medal (EGM) is the highest distinction within OR in Europe and it was introduced as a EURO instrument in 1983. It was first awarded to Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann (Germany) at the EURO-k conference in Bologna in 1985. In the year preceding a EURO-k conference nominations are made to a jury consisting of five scholars of recognized stature in the OR community. The award is conferred on a prominent person or team or institution, for an outstanding contribution to the OR science. The award is officially bestowed in conjunction with a EURO-k Conference, if there is a suitable candidate. Only one award may be made on each occasion.

The 2021 EURO Gold Medal is posthumously awarded to:

Ailsa Land


There was a special session to recognise her extraordinary talents at the Opening Session of the hybrid EURO-k conference (a video will be uploaded shortly). The session featured excellent online talks by Doug Shier, Gilbert Laporte and Laurence Wolsey. We were also privileged to hear directly from Panagiotis Miliotis. We thank them all for their contributions.

Also we are pleased to announce an obituary which is available in EJOR

With many thanks to Professor Doug Shier for this wonderful memory.

The EGM 2021 jury consisted of Marielle Christiansen (chair), Matthias Ehrgott, Mirjam Duer, Ramón Álvarez-Valdés, Dick den Hertog

The presentation was made at the opening session of the EURO 2021 Hybrid Conference in Athens (Greece).

Jury of the EURO Gold Medal 2022

  • Matthias Ehrgott (UK) - chair
  • Mirjam Duer (Germany)
  • Ivana Ljubic (France)
  • Michal Tzur (Israel)
  • Rudolf Vetschera (Austria)

Call for Nominations for the EURO Gold Medal 2022

  1. The EURO Gold Medal is the highest recognition in Europe for scientific activity in OR. It is conferred on a prominent person or team or institution, for an outstanding contribution to the development of the discipline of OR. The award will be officially bestowed at the opening plenary session of the 32nd European Conference on Operational Research in Espoo, if there is a suitable candidate.

  2. The EURO Gold Medal shall be awarded for a body of work in OR, preferably published over a period of several years. Although recent work should not be excluded, care should be taken to allow the contribution to stand the test of time. The potential prize recipient should have a recognized stature in the European OR community. Significance, innovation, depth, and scientific excellence should be stressed.

  3. To emphasize the European flavour of the Award, all societies are strongly urged not to propose a candidate from their own country. No currently active officer of EURO (Executive Committee member, EURO Gold Medal jury member, Organising and Program Committee Chairs of the 32nd European Conference on Operational Research) is eligible.

  4. Nominations for the 2022 EURO Gold Medal can come from EURO member national societies, previous EURO Gold Medal laureates, jury chairs, or by a group of respected academics within the European OR community. Please also check the guidelines, and a list of previous laureates at

  5. Nominations, which must be made in confidence, should be sent to:

    Matthias Ehrgott
    Lancaster University Management School
    LA1 4YX
    [email protected]

  6. Nominations, including a detailed CV of the nominee and a written justification for the nomination should be sent by the deadline of 31st January, 2022.

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