Past and Upcoming ORP³ Conferences

Year: 2012
Date: 16-20 July 2012
Location: Linz
Country: Austria
Organiser(s): Karl F. Doerner
Year: 2011
Date: 13-17 September 2011
Location: Cadiz
Country: Spain
Organiser(s): Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía
Year: 2007
Date: 12-15 September 2007
Location: Guimarães
Country: Portugal
Organiser(s): A. Ismael F. Vaz
Year: 2005
Date: 6-10 September 2005
Location: Valencia
Country: Spain
Organiser(s)Rubén Ruiz García
Year: 2003
Date: 21-26 September 2003
Location: PfalzAkademie Lambrecht (near Kaiserslautern)
Country: Germany
Organiser(s): Dagmar Tenfelde-Podehl
Year: 2001
Date: 26-29 September 2001
Location: Paris
Country: France
Organiser(s): Denis Bouyssou 


Prior to 2001 the meeting for young researchers was named the EURO Prime Conference.

Year: 1999
Date: 11-14 September 1999
Location: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Organiser(s): Andrzej Straszak

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