EURO Excellence in Practice Award 2022

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Call for Applications for the EURO Excellence in Practice Award 2022

  1. All interested candidates are invited to submit a detailed description of an application of OR with a real impact on practice, which has original features, whether in methodology, field of application and/or implementation. This may be in the form of a paper written for publication (although not necessarily published at the time of submission), a client report, or other appropriate documentation. The documentation must include a document which explicitly states, for each of the criteria below, how the application meets that criterion. This document may be a summary document, pointing towards evidence contained in other documents submitted or referenced as part of the application; or it may form the main body of the application if that is more appropriate. The first full application (i.e. not counting any piloting or prototyping) must be no more than four years ago; but must be long enough ago to allow for convincing assessment of realised benefits. The work must not have been submitted concurrently to another competition. The application is open to OR specialists from any part of the world. Please also check the guidelines.

  2. The criteria for the evaluation of the submissions are:
    • the real impact on practice,
    • the scientific quality of the application,
    • the relevance to Operational Research,
    • the appreciation by the organisation involved with the application,
    • the originality in methodology, implementations and/or field of application.

    A letter or other evidence of appreciation by the organisation or organisations that made use of the work described is essential, and will form part of the assessment.

  3. The jury selects a short-list of finalists who will present their work in a special session at the 32nd European Conference on Operational Research in Espoo. There is no registration fee for one representative of each of the finalist presentations. The winner will be determined by the jury at the end of the special session(s) and will be announced by the chair of the jury during the closing session of the EURO 2022 Conference.

  4. Applications should be submitted (as a zip file or equivalent single submission) online by the deadline of January 31, 2022.

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