EURO Mini Conference (EUROmC) Guidelines

Application form for a EURO Mini Conference (.xlsx file)


EURO supports EURO Mini Conferences, specialised conferences on a particular promising O.R. theme for a limited audience of specialists. EURO Mini Conferences are a good framework for the specialists of a particular field of research to participate in a meeting where the screening of papers can be more effective and participation in the debates can be more lively than at larger meetings.

EURO has agreed to support two EURO Mini Conferences a year. National OR Societies, research groups, scientific organisations and EURO Working Groups (EWG) are eligible to submit proposals, but in the latter case such proposals must be clearly distinct from the regular EWG activities for which EURO already provides support.


People interested in organising a mini-conference are requested to complete the application form and email it to the EURO Vice-President 1 ([email protected]). The application form includes an outline budget, and should be accompanied by a short document or Powerpoint presentation describing the aim and purpose of the conference, the location, and the facilities.

Since only two EURO Mini Conferences can be supported each year, bids are examined at the Executive Committee meeting that takes place at the beginning of the year (usually end of January or early February). The deadline for application is fixed mid-January of year n for the organisation of a EURO Mini Conference during year (n+1). In case less than two bids are approved at that time, the following proposals will be examined on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Financial Assistance

EURO offers two forms of financial assistance to the organisers of a EUROmC.  Firstly, a loan of up to €5,000 can be requested to cover any advance payments.  This financial assistance is a loan not a gift. It must be refunded to EURO.  Secondly, financial support up to €5,000 can be obtained for covering the costs of participants. It can cover the registration fees, travel and accommodation costs, but not the cost of the conference banquet. This support is a gift and does not have to repaid. EURO does not cover any losses, but also does not request a share of any profits. 

For applying EURO's support a budget proposal must accompany the application. After the conference, original receipts with a detailed account on supported participants must be sent to EURO Vice-President 1 ([email protected]).

Publications of the Proceedings

EURO encourages the organisers to offer the Proceedings of a EURO Mini Conference to be published in a special issue of an international journal of their choice corresponding to the field of the conference.

Post Conference Report

No later than four months fter the conference, a detailed report (including a final section that should contain an overview of how the EURO support was spent) must be sent to the EURO Vice-President 1 ([email protected]). Examples can be seen on the Last Activity Reports section of the web pages. (Because some of these mini conference were organised under previous guidelines, the reports do not always contain a financial section.)


[Latest guidelines approved July 2017] 

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