EURO Distinguished Service Award Laureates

  • 2019
    Paolo Toth  (Italy)
    Jury: Roman Słowiński (chair), Pascale Zarat&eacute, Lidija Zadnik-Stirn, Rommert Dekker, Antonio Frangioni
  • 2018
    Jan Węglarz (Poland)
    Jury: Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger (chair), Roman Słowiński, Pascale Zaraté, Sally Brailsford, Hans Ittmann
  • 2016
    Yannis Siskos (Greece)
    Jury: Valerie Belton (chair), Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, Roman Słowiński, Luka Neralic, Jacques Teghem
  • 2015
    Bernard Roy (France) [video speech]
    Jury: Jan Węglarz (chair), Valerie Belton, Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, Theo Stewart, Ignacio García Jurado
  • 2013
    Theodor Stewart (South Africa) [speech]
    Jury: Zilla Sinuany-Stern (chair), Jan Węglarz, Valerie Belton, Jakob Krarup, Jaap Spronk
  • 2012
    Dominique de Werra (Switzerland) [speech]
    Jury: A. Tsoukiàs (chair), Z. Sinuany-Stern, J. Węglarz, M. Shutler, L. Escudero
  • 2010
    Maurice Shutler (UK) [speech]
    Jury: T. Kinnunen (chair), R. Burkard, Z. Sinuany, A. Tsoukias, J. Węglarz
  • 2009
    Jakob Krarup (Denmark) [speech]
    Jury:  P. Toth (chair), T. Kinnunen, A. Tsoukiàs, Z. Sinuany-Stern, D. de Werra

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