EURO Distinguished Service Award

The EURO Distinguished Service Award (EDSA) [formerly known as EURO Distinguished Service Medal*] was approved by the Executive Committee in July 2006. The EDSA should honour extraordinary efforts in recognition of distinguished service to EURO and to the profession of OR. The award is officially bestowed in conjunction with a EURO-k Conference, if there is a suitable candidate. The laureate receives the EURO Distinguished Service Award and a diploma. Only one award may be made on each occasion.

*The award was renamed to better reflect the fact that the physical award has always been an engraved crystal desk ornament rather than a medal.


The 2022 EURO Distinguished Service Award is presented to:

Cathal MacSwiney Brugha

Emeritus Professor of Decision Analytics, University College Dublin


The EDSA 2022 jury consisted of Lidija Zadnik-Stirn (chair), Michel Bierlaire, Daniele Vigo, Gudrun Kiesmüller, Zrinka Lukańá.

The presentation was made at the opening session of the EURO 2022 Conference in Espoo (Finland).

Jury of the EURO Distinguished Service Award 2024

  • Michel Bierlaire (Switzerland) - chair
  • Daniele Vigo (Italy)
  • Sally Brailsford (UK)
  • Josef Jablonský (Czech Republic)
  • Metin Türkay (Turkey)

Call for Nominations for the EURO Distinguished Service Award 2024

  1. The EURO Distinguished Service Award (EDSA) is the highest recognition in Europe of distinguished service to the European Operational Research community or to the profession of Operational Research. The award will be officially bestowed at the opening plenary session of the 33rd European Conference on Operational Research in Copenhagen, if there is a suitable candidate.

  2. The EURO Distinguished Service Award shall be presented to an individual who has served the European OR community and the profession effectively for many years.

  3. To emphasize the European flavour of the Award, all societies are strongly urged not to propose a candidate from their own country. No currently active officer of EURO (Executive Committee member, EURO Distinguished Service Award jury member, Organising and Programme Committee Chairs of the 33rd European Conference on Operational Research) is eligible.

  4. Nominations for the 2024 EURO Distinguished Service Award can come from EURO member national societies, previous EURO Distinguished Service Award laureates and jury chairs, or by a group of respected academics within the European OR community. Please also check the guidelines, and a list of previous laureates at

  5. Nominations, which must be made in confidence, should be sent to:

    Michel Bierlaire
    [email protected]

  6. Nominations, including a detailed CV of the nominee and a written justification for the nomination, should be sent by the deadline of 31st January, 2024.

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