Satellite Events for EURO-k Conferences


EURO welcome requests to host satellite events which would be held just before or after the main EURO-k conference.

Satellite events have become an important action in the academic calendar of European OR. In fact, for many years, EURO conferences along with their satellite events have been a festival of OR both at and around the venues of the EURO conferences and through their attendees also radiating into OR worldwide. It has been proved that EURO conferences and their satellite events could go hand-in-hand quite well in the spirit of collaboration and synergy.

The topic should be relevant and integrate with the full conference thereby promoting both events and providing a rich experience for the participants. Participants of the satellite event should be strongly encouraged to attend the EURO-k conference and, to facilitate this, it is expected that the satellite event organisers propose at least one stream to be scheduled at the EURO-k meeting.

Formally, the satellite events are independent of the EURO conferences. Through their multiple and fruitful bonds with EURO, with the diverse areas of OR and with shared attendances, both events must be closely related, however. Therefore, EWGs which intend to organize a satellite event neighbouring in time and space to a EURO conference accept this close bond between the two events and agree to encourage their participants to, as much as possible, also attend the EURO conferences - the main event of the season and, in fact, of the year.

Approved satellite events will be included on the conference website and be marketed by the EURO office on social media and other channels. The organisers of the satellite event may also discuss the potential of a special issue dedicated to their topic.

The organisation of the satellite event is independent of EURO-k, both in terms of finance and logistics. If the satellite event is to be hosted geographically close to the venue of the EURO-k conference, the organising committee or their PCO may be able to advise on the availability of meeting rooms and/or accommodation, but their priority is to organise the main event, so it is recommended that the satellite event is coordinated through a local member of their own community.

Anyone interested in hosting a satellite event should contact the EURO VP1, PC Chair and OC Chair who will make a decision regarding the status of the event and ensure that all aspects are coordinated.

Finally, we gratefully acknowledge that in previous years also IFORS repeatedly approved such close collaborations with "satellite events", e.g., of our EWGs. Instead of satellite events the notion of "associate events" was sometimes preferred by IFORS.

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