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Special Issues about timely and important research topics are currently under preparation. We invite interested authors to submit relevant manuscripts:

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Special Issue: Data-Driven Optimization for Transport and Logistics Systems

Guest Editors: Dr. Shadi Sharif Azadeh, Dr. Nursen Aydin

Published: 12 2023

Integration of Human Factors and Ergonomics (HF/E) in Transportation and Logistics

Guest editors: Nabil Absi, Valeria Borodin and Diego Cattaruzz

Published: 11 2022

Advances in Facility Location and Logistics

Guest editors: Isabel Correia, Teresa Melo and Olivier Péton

Published: 10 2021

Public Transportation Planning in the Face of Uncertainty

Guest editors: M. Schmidt, K. Gkiotsalitis and I. Rodriguez Martin

Published: 10 2021

Combining Optimization and Machine Learning: Application in vehicle routing, network design and crew scheduling

Guest editors: C. Archetti, J.-F. Cordeau, G. Desaulniers

Published: 9(4) December 2020

Transportation and Logistics by Young Researchers

Guest editors: Jaume Barceló, Anna Sciomachen and Riccardo Rossi

Published: 9(3) September 2020

Modelling Passenger Flows in Multi-Modal Public Transport Systems

Guest editors: Oded Cats and Riccardo Scarinci

Published: 9(1) March 2020

Advances in Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization: exact methods

Guest editors: Timo Gschwind, Michael Schneider and Daniele Vigo

Published: 8(2) June 2019

Models and Methods for the Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Guest editors: Chefi Triki and Teodor Gabriel Crainic

Published: 7(4) December 2018

Advances in Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization: heuristics

Guest editors: Fabien Lehuédé, Christelle Guéret, Jorge E. Mendoza, Olivier Péton and Marc Sevaux

Published: 7(2) June 2018

Public Transport Modeling

Guest editors: Guido Gentile and Oded Cats

Published: 6(3) September 2017

City Logistics

Guest editors: Teodor Gabriel Crainic and Dominique Feillet

Published: 6(1) March 2017

Shared Mobility Systems

Guest editors: Tal Raviv and Michal Tzur

Published: 5(3) August 2016

Day-to-day Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models

Guest editors: Martin Hazelton and David Watling

Published: 5(1) March 2016

Pricing in Transportation Networks

Guest editors: Michael Florian and Siriphong Lawphongpanich

Published: 4(2) June 2015

Transportation Infrastructure Management

Guest editors: Pablo Durango-Cohen and Samer M. Madanat

Published: 4(1) March 2015

Quantitative Methods in Transportation Systems

Guest editors: Nikolas Geroliminis and Jack Haddad

Published: 3(3-4) October 2014

Carbon-Aware Transportation and Logistics

Guest editors: Saif Benjaafar and Martin Savelsbergh

Published: 3(1) June 2014

Vehicle Routing

Guest editors: Gilbert Laporte, Daniele Vigo and Paolo Toth

Published: 2(1-2) May 2013

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