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Year: 2022 [deferred from 2021]
Name: CLAIO 2022. XXI Latin Ibero-American Conference on Operations Research
Date: 12-15 December 2022
Number of delegates:
Number of papers:
EURO Plenary Speaker: Emma Hart
Location: Buenos Aries, Argentina

Year: 2022 [deferred from 2021]
Name: Joint ALIO/EURO International Conference 2021 on Applied Combinatorial Optimization
Date: 11-13 April 2022
Number of delegates
Number of papers
EURO Plenary Speaker: Markus Leitner
Location: ONLINE/Viña del Mar 
Country: Chile

Year: 2021
Name: OR21 joint conference SVOR/ASRO,ÖGOR, and GOR
Date: 31 August - 3 September 2021
Number of delegates: 529
Number of papers: 377
EURO Plenary Speaker: Mirjam Duer
Talk: Conic optimization: an application-oriented survey
Location: ONLINE

Year: 2021 [deferred from 2020]
Name: IFORS Triennial Conference
Date: 22-27 August 2021
Number of delegates: 818
Number of papers: 715
EURO Plenary Speaker: Maria Conceição Andrade Silva
Talk: The value of analysing data and the particular case of efficiency analysis
Location: ONLINE

Year: 2019
Name: International Symposium on Operations Research in Slovenia (SOR ’19)
Date: 25-27 September 2019
Number of delegates: 133
Number of papers: 104
EURO Plenary Speaker: Joanna Józefowska
Talk: Just-in-time Scheduling
Location: Bled
Country: Slovenia

Year: 2019
Name: OR61: UK OR Society Annual Conference
Date: 3-5 September 2019
Number of delegates: 324
Number of papers: 275
EURO Plenary Speaker: Erhan Erkut
Talk: Optimizing the Teaching of OR – Yesterday and Tomorrow
Location: Kent
Country: UK

Year: 2019
Name: Workshop of the EURO Working Group on Vehicle Routing and Logistics optimization (VeRoLog)
Date: 3-5 June 2019
Number of delegates: 224
Number of papers: 173
EURO Plenary Speaker: Juan José Salazar González
Talk: Designing Routes for Vehicles and Drivers
Location: Seville
Country: Spain

Year: 2018
Name: Latin-Iberoamerican Conference on Operations Research (CLAIO)
Date: 23-27 September 2018
Number of delegates: 425 
Number of papers: 368
EURO Plenary Speaker: Luce Brotcorne
Talk: How to integrate customer’s behaviour within pricing
Location: Lima
Country: Peru

Year: 2018
Name: Operations Research 2018
Date: 12-14 September 2018
Number of delegates: 575
Number of papers: 400
EURO Plenary Speaker: Ivana Ljubic
Talk: From Game Theory to Graph Theory: A Bilevel Journey
Location: Brussels
Country: Belgium

Year: 2018
Name: Joint EURO/ALIO International Conference 2018 on Applied Combinatorial Optimization
Date: 25-27 June 2018
Number of delegates: 250
Number of papers: 200
EURO Plenary Speaker: David Pisinger
Talk: Green Liner Shipping with Optimization
Location: Bologna
Country: Italy

Year: 2017
Name: ODS2017 - International Conference on Optimization and Decision Science, XLVII annual meeting organized by AIRO
Date: 4-7 September 2017
Number of delegates: 250
Number of papers: 195
EURO Plenary Speaker: Patrick De Causmaecker
Talk: Data Science meets Optimization
Location: Sorrento
Country: Italy

Year: 2017
Name: 7th International Conference on Logistics and Maritime Systems (LOGMS 2017)
Date: 24-26 August 2017
Number of delegates: 140
Number of papers: 100
EURO Plenary Speaker: Stefan Voss
Talk: Future Trends in Logistics: A Biased View on Urban Mobility and Its Interconnection with Transport Networks
Location: Bergen
Country: Norway

Year: 2017
Name: IFORS 2017 - 21st Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies
Date: 17-21 July 2017
Number of delegates: 1519
Number of papers: 1310
EURO Plenary Speaker: Martine Labbé
Talk: Bilevel optimisation, pricing problems and Stackelberg games
Location: Québec
Country: Canada

Year: 2017
Name: Joint EURO/ORSC/ECCO International Conference 2017 on Combinatorial Optimization (ECCO XXX)
Date: 3-6 May 2017
Number of delegates: 140
Number of papers: 90
EURO Plenary Speaker: Gerhard Woeginger
Talk: Lower bound techniques for algorithmic problems
Location: Koper
Country: Slovenia

Year: 2015
Name: OR2015 - International Conference on Operations Research
Date: 1-4 September 2015
Number of delegates: 890
Number of papers: 689
EURO Plenary Speaker: Matteo Fischetti
Talk: Thin Models for Big Data
Location: Vienna
Country: Austria

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