Special Issue: Computational Optimization Methods in Logistics

Guest Editors: Bahar Y. Kara, Oya E. Karasan and Hande Yaman


  • Deadline for submission: September 4, 2015


In the past two decades with the outburst of globalization, logistics has become one of the leading research venues. This special issue is intended to be an outlet for recent developments in solving challenging logistics problems, ranging from the classical problems such as facility location, vehicle routing, network design to problems arising in recent and emerging application areas such as green logistics, smart cities, relief logistics, health care and energy.


To submit your paper to this special issue,

1. Log on the editorial manager using the <Author Login> via the website https://www.editorialmanager.com/ejco/

2. Select <Submit New Manuscript> in the main menu.

3. In the drop down list associated with <Choose Article Type>, select ("SI: Logistics").

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