EURO Award for the Best EJOR Paper Winners


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Pamela C. Nolz, Nabil Absi, Dominique Feillet, and Clóvis Seragiotto
    The consistent electric-Vehicle routing problem with backhauls and charging management, Volume: 302, Page: 700-716
  • Review 
    Claudio Gambella, Bissan Ghaddar, and Joe Naoum-Sawaya
    Optimization problems for machine learning: A survey, Volume 290, Page: 807-828
  • Theory and Methodology
    Marco Cinelli, Miłosz Kadziński, Grzegorz Miebs, Michael Gonzalez, and Roman Słowiński
    Recommending multiple criteria decision analysis methods with a new taxonomy-based decision support system, Volume: 302, Page: 633-651

Jury: Lars-Magnus Hvattum (chair), Bernardetta Addis, Valentin Bertsch, Emanuele Borgonovo, Agostinho Agra


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Douglas Alem, Hector F. Bonilla-Londono, Ana Paula Barbosa-Povoa, Susana Relvas, Deisemara Ferreira, Alfredo Moreno
    Building disaster preparedness and response capacity in humanitarian supply chains using the Social Vulnerability Index, Volume: 292, Page: 250-275
  • Review 
    Giuseppe Fragapane, René de Koster, Fabio Sgarbossa and Jan Ola Strandhagen
    Planning and control of autonomous mobile robots for intralogistics: Literature review and research agenda, Volume 294, Page: 405-426
  • Theory and Methodology
    Konstantinos Nikolopoulos, Sushil Punia, Andreas Schäfers, Christos Tsinopoulos, Chrysovalantis Vasilakis
    Forecasting and planning during a pandemic: COVID-19 growth rates, supply chain disruptions, and governmental decisions, Volume: 290, Page: 99-115

Jury: Judit Lienert (chair), Lars-Magnus Hvattum, Bernardetta Addis, Roman Słowiński, Ceyda Oğuz


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Feng Mai, Shaonan Tian, Chihoon Lee and Ling Ma
    Deep learning models for bankruptcy prediction using textual disclosures, Volume: 274, Page: 743-758
  • Review 
    Nils Boysen, René de Koster and Felix Weidinger
    Warehousing in the e-commerce era: A survey, Volume 277, Page: 396-411
  • Theory and Methodology
    Truong Van Nguyen, Li Zhou, Alain Yee Loong Chong, Boying Li, and Xiaodie Pu
    Predicting customer demand for remanufactured products: A data-mining approach, Volume: 281, Page: 543-558

Jury: Veronica Piccialli (chair), Judit Lienert, Lars-Magnus Hvattum, Mike Yearworth, Mustafa Çelebi Pınar


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Reut Noham and Michal Tzur
    Designing humanitarian supply chains by incorporating actual post-disaster decisions, Volume: 265, Page: 1064-1077
  • Review 
    Catherine Cleophas, Caitlin Cottrill, Jan Fabian Ehmke, Kevin Tierney 
    Collaborative urban transportation: Recent advances in theory and practice, Volume 273, Page: 801-816
  • Theory and Methodology
    Liji Shen, Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès, Janis S.Neufeld
    Solving the flexible job shop scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times, Volume: 265, Page: 503-516

Jury: Markus Leitner (chair), Veronica Piccialli, Judit Lienert, José Fernando Oliveira, Jean-Charles Billaut


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Nils Boysen, Stefan Schwerdfeger, and Felix Weidinger
    Scheduling last-mile deliveries with truck-based autonomous robots, Volume: 271, Page: 1085-1099
  • Review 
    Ana Paula Barbosa-Póvoa, Cátia da Silva, and Ana Carvalho 
    Opportunities and challenges in sustainable supply chain: An operations research perspective, Volume 268, Page: 399-431
  • Theory and Methodology
    Lipan Feng, Kannan Govindan, and Chunfa Li
    Strategic planning: Design and coordination for dual-recycling channel reverse supply chain considering consumer behavior, Volume: 260, Page: 601-612

Jury: Stavros Zenios (chair), Markus Leitner, Veronica Piccialli, Steffen Rebennack, Sophie Parragh


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Jasper Schuijbroek, Robert Hampshire, and Willem van Hoeve
    Inventory rebalancing and vehicle routing in bike sharing systems, Volume: 257, Page: 992-1004
  • Review 
    Mika Marttunen, Judit Lienert, and Valerie Belton 
    Structuring problems for Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in practice: A literature review of method combinations, Volume 263, Page: 1-17
  • Theory and Methodology
    Adiel Almeida,  Jonatas Araujo De Almeida,  Ana Paula Costa, and  Adiel de Almeida-Filho
    A new method for elicitation of criteria weights in additive models: Flexible and interactive tradeoff, Volume: 250, Page: 179-191

Jury: Ana Barbosa-Povoa (chair), Stavros Zenios, Markus Leitner, Ruud Teunter, Elina Rönnberg


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Douglas Alem, Alistair Clark, Alfredo Moreno
    Stochastic network models for logistics planning in disaster relief, Volume: 255, Page: 187-206
  • Review 
    Michael J. Mortenson, Neil F. Doherty, Stewart Robinson 
    Operational research from Taylorism to Terabytes: A research agenda for the analytics age, Volume 241, Page: 583-595
  • Theory and Methodology
    Dominik Goeke and Michael Schneider
    Routing a mixed fleet of electric and conventional vehicles, Volume: 245, Page: 81-99

Jury: Stein Wallace (chair), Ana Barbosa-Povoa, Stavros Zenios, Markus Leitner, Robert Dyson, Stefan Røpke


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Burak Boyaci, Konstantinos Zografos, Nikolas Geroliminis
    An optimization framework for the development of efficient one-way car-sharing systems, Volume: 240, Page: 718-733
  • Review 
    Michael Drexl and Michael Schneider 
    A survey of variants and extensions of the location-routing problem, Volume 241, Page: 283-308
  • Theory and Methodology
    Stefan Lessmann, Bart Baesens, Hsin-Vonn Seow, Lyn Thomas
    Benchmarking state-of-the-art classification algorithms for credit scoring: An update of research, Volume: 247, Page: 124-136

Jury: Sebastian Lozano (chair), Stein Wallace, Ana Barbosa-Povoa, Emanuele Borgonovo, Rafał Różycki


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Fernando S. Oliveira, Carlos Ruiz, Antonio J. Conejo
    Contract design and supply chain coordination in the electricity industry, Volume: 227, Page: 527-537
  • Review 
    M. Steadie Seifi, N.P. Dellaert, W. Nuijten, T. Van Woensel, R. Raoufi
    Multimodal freight transportation planning: A literature review, Volume 233, Page: 1-15
  • Theory and Methodology
    Thibaut Vidal, Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Michel Gendreau, Christian Prins
    A unified solution framework for multi-attribute vehicle routing problems, Volume: 234, Page: 658-673

Jury: Horst Hamacher (chair), Sebastian Lozano, Stein Wallace, José Fernando Oliveira, Julius Žilinskas


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Trine Krogh Boomsma, Nigel Meade, and Stein-Erik Fleten
    Renewable energy investments under different support schemes: a real options approach, Volume: 220, Page: 225-237
  • Review
    Victor Pillac, Michel Gendreau, Christelle Guéret, Andrés L. Medaglia
    A review of dynamic vehicle routing problems, Volume: 225, Page: 1-11
  • Theory and Methodology
    Viet-Phuong Nguyen, Christian Prins, Caroline Prodhon
    Solving the two-echelon location routing problem by a grasp reinforced by a learning process and path relinking, Volume: 216, Page: 113-126

Jury: Greet Vanden Berghe (chair), Daniele Vigo, Horst Hamacher, Jean-Charles Billaut, Sebastian Lozano


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Wouter Verbeke, Karel Dejaeger, David Martens, Joon Hur, Bart Baesens
    New Insights into Churn Prediction in the Telecommunication Sector: A Profit Driven Data Mining Approach, Volume: 218, Page: 211-229
  • Review
    Colin Paterson, Gudrun Kiesmüller, Ruud Teunter, Kevin Glazebrook
    Inventory Models with Lateral Transshipments: A Review, Volume: 210, Page: 125-136
  • Theory and Methodology
    Rafay Ishfaq, Charles R. Sox
    Hub Location-Allocation in Intermodal Logistic Networks, Volume: 210, Page: 213-230

Jury: Alistair Clark (chair), Greet Vanden Berghe, Daniele Vigo, Immanuel Bomze, Claudia D'Ambrosio


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    Florian Jaehn, Peter Letmath
    The emissions trading paradox, Volume: 202, Page: 248-254
  • Review
    Christian Bierwirth, Frank Meisel
    A survey of berth allocation and quay crane scheduling problems in container terminals, Volume: 202, Page: 615-627
  • Theory and Methodology
    Maria Isabel Gomes Salema, Ana Paula Barbosa-Povoa, Augusto Q. Novais
    Simultaneous design and planning of supply chains with reverse flows: A generic modelling framework, Volume: 203, Page: 336-349

Jury: José Fernando Oliveira (chair), Gerhard Woeginger, Alistair Clark, Immanuel Bomze, Greet Vanden Berghe


  • Innovative Applications of OR
    M. Frisk, M. Göthe-Lundgren, K. Jörnsten, M. Rönnqvist
    Cost allocation in collaborative forest transportation, Volume: 205, Page: 448-458
  • Review
    M.T. Melo, S. Nickel, F. Saldanha-da-Gama
    Facility location and supply chain management A review, Volume: 196, Page: 401-412
  • Theory and Methodology
    Alexander Stepanov, James MacGregor Smith
    Multi-objective evacuation routing in transportation networks, Volume: 198, Page: 435-446

Jury: David Pisinger (chair), José Fernando Oliveira, Gerhard Woeginger, Roman Słowiński, Horst Hamacher

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