Guidelines for Euro PhD Schools (EPS)

Download the application form for the Euro PhD Schools here (.doc file)


EURO PhD Schools (EPS) are an instrument established to encourage the organization of post-graduate education initiatives for PhD students under a school format.

This instrument differs from the EURO instruments for being training-oriented and by addressing PhD students. The other EURO instruments within the Education Initiative are either research-oriented (ESWI) or have a conference format instead of a school format (ORP3, EURO-k conference tutorials).

An application for a EURO PhD School should be accompanied by formal approval from a national OR society, even if they don't give any financial support.


Departments with PhD students in OR typically have a very limited number of PhD students per year. This makes it often difficult and expensive to organize advanced courses. EURO, therefore, would like to facilitate the organization of such courses. Moreover, a EURO network created at this stage will contribute to more frequent and stronger collaborations at a later stage.

Frequency and organization

One or more EPS may be organized every year, wherever possible. Each EPS may have a duration from 1 to 3 weeks, will have a topic, and will award ECTS credits. Invited lecturers will give lectures and organize sessions where the students will work individually or in groups on exercises. A social activity will also be organized to help develop relations and networks among the participants.

Dissemination of the call

The announcement of an EPS and the call for applications will be disseminated to all EURO member societies and made available on the EURO web site.


To apply to the EPS, candidates from a EURO member society country, or studying in a EURO member society country, should submit their curriculum vitae (including their academic track record), a letter outlining their motivation to attend, and a letter of recommendation from their supervisor to the Scientific Committee of the EPS. The Scientific Committee selects and ranks (in the case of more than one accepted from the same country) the candidates. When accepting the candidates the EPS Scientific Committee should aim at a good distribution of the participants among the EURO member societies.

Financial arrangements

Travel costs should be covered by the participants, either themselves or through external funding (e.g. national Science funding bodies, OR National Societies, etc.).

All living costs (accommodation, meals, and travel within school activities) should be supported by the EPS. EURO provides a financial support to the organizers of up to 500 Euros per participant and per week, up to a maximum of 15000 Euros.

The EPS organizers may have to raise additional funds, through the National OR Society, public and private sponsors. A fee may be charged to the participants, if necessary, but should be kept as low as possible.

Important Dates

  • Submission of proposal: at least 18 months before the proposed date for the EPS.
  • Application deadline: 4 months before EPS.
  • Selection of Candidates by Scientific Committee: 3 months before EPS.
  • Submission of a Final Report on the EPS by the Chair of the Committee, to the Executive Committee of EURO: 4 months after the end of the EPS.

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