Special Issues

Special Issues about timely and important research topics are currently under preparation. We invite interested authors to submit relevant manuscripts:

Computational Discrete Optimization

Guest editors: Arie Koster and Clemens Thielen

Deadline  for submission: October 31, 2019

Constraint Programming Approaches to Combinatorial Optimization

Guest editors: Willem-Jan van Hoeve, Louis-Martin Rousseau

Deadline  for submission: August 15, 2017

Computational Advances in Combinatorial Optimization

Guest editors: Salvatore Greco, Silvano Martello, Benedetto Matarazzo

Deadline  for submission: January 31, 2016

Computational Advances in Locational Analysis

Guest editors: Boglárka G.-Tóth, Justo Puerto, Francisco Saldanha da Gama

Deadline  for submission: January 15, 2016

Computational Optimization Methods in Logistics

Guest editors: Bahar Y. Kara, Oya E. Karasan, Hande Yaman

Deadline  for submission: September 4, 2015

Already Published


Bilevel Optimization

Guest editors: Luce Brotcorne, Bernard Fortz, Martine Labbé

Published: 8(1) March 2020

Robust Combinatorial Optimisation

Guest editors: Arie Koster, Michael Poss

Published: 6(3-4) September, December 2018

Nonlinear and Combinatorial Methods for Energy Optimization

Guest editors: Claudia D'Ambrosio, Antonio Frangioni, Andrea Lodi, Martin Mevissen

Published: 5(1-2) March 2017

Computational Optimization in Disaster Risk Management

Guest editors: Horst W. Hamacher, Marc Goerigk

Published: 4(3-4) September 2016

Computational Optimization Methods in Telecommunications

Guest editors: Bernard Fortz, Luis Gouveia

Published: 4(2) May 2016

Applied Bilevel Programming

Guest editors: Patrice Marcotte and Gilles Savard

Published: 3(3) September 2015


Guest editors: Claudia Archetti, David Pisinger and M. Grazia Speranza

Published: 2(4) November 2014

Constraint Programming Approaches to Combinatorial Optimization

Guest editors: Louis-Martin Rousseau and Willem van Hoeve

Published: 2(3) August 2014

Computational Methods for Network Optimization Problems

Guest editors: Bernard Fortz and Luis Gouveia

Published: 1(3-4) November 2013
Published: 2(1-2) June 2014

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