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Special Issues about timely and important research topics are currently under preparation. We invite interested authors to submit relevant manuscripts.



Behavioural Operational Research

Guest editors: L. Alberto Franco, Raimo P. Hämäläinen

Deadline  for submission: December 1, 2018

Data Analytics and Collaborative Decision Processes

Guest editors: Pascale Zaraté, Fátima Dargam, Rita Ribeiro, Shaofeng Liu

Deadline  for submission: November, 2017

Interactive Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Guest editors: Murat Köksalan, Gül┼čah Karakaya

Deadline  for submission: November 1, 2017

Already Published

Environmental decisions

Guest editors: Judit Lienert, Igor Linkov

Published: 7(3-4) November 2019

Negotiation Processes

Guest editors: D. Marc Kilgour, Rudolf Vetschera

Published: 7(1-2) May 2019

Financial Decision Support

Guest editors: Constantin Zopounidis, Dimitrios Niklis, Michael Doumpos

Published: 6(1-2) June 2018

Advances in Behavioural Research on Supported Decision Processes

Guest editors: Gilberto Montibeller, Jyrki Wallenius

Published: 6(1-2) June 2018

Reliability, Risk and Safety: Analytical Support for Decision Making

Guest editors: Lesley Walls, Enrico Zio, Tim Bedford, Matthew Revie

Published: 5(1-4) November 2017


Guest editors: Alec Morton, Marion S. Rauner, Gregory S. Zaric

Published: 4(3-4) November 2016

Operational Research and Ethics

Guest editors: Fred Wenstøp, Cristóbal Miralles, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Published: 4(1-2) June 2016

Collaborative Decision Processes and Analysis

Guest editors: Pascale Zaraté, Fátima Dargam

Published: 3(3-4) November 2015

Preference Elicitation and Learning

Guest editors: Vincent Mousseau, Marc Pirlot

Published: 3(1-2) June 2015

Problem Structuring Research and Practice

Guest editors: Fran Ackermann, L. Alberto Franco, Etiënne Rouwette, Leroy White

Published: 2(3-4) December 2014

Risk Management

Guest editors: Simon French, Alec Morton, Ortwin Renn

Published: 1(3-4) November 2013
Published: 2(1-2) June 2014

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