EWG CFM, EURO working group on Commodities and Financial Modelling

EWG CFM, EURO working group on Commodities and Financial Modelling
AnnouncementIn the 2019 the EWGCFM members were able to meet in three separate moments. The first two occasions were scheduled in the summer of 2019: the CEMA International Conference organized by the Tapper School at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh in June 21-22, 29th EURO international Conference in Dublin (June 23-27). The third occasion was provided by the joint conference 62nd EWGCFM meeting and Fidnes 2019 organized by the University of Curacao in Willemsted on November 7-10th 2019.
Next year is expected to be a very intense year in terms of conferences. The University of Bucarest is organizing the joint conference: 63rd EWGCFM meeting and VII Financing and Banking Conference in Bucarest on March 22-24. The University of Rome La sapienze together with other private Universities wil orgaize the 13th Inetrnational Summer School on Risk Measurement and Control in Rome, June 3-6 2020. The CEMA annual conference is scheduled in Madrid on June 20-21 right before the IFORS international meeting in Seul on June 23-27. Finally the 64th EWGCFM will be organized in NYC on November 26-28 by Annoop Rai.
Coordinator Rita D'Ecclesia
Sapienza University of Rome
Piazza aldo moro 5
00185 Rome Roma
Phone: 0649910474
Url: http://www.dss.uniroma1.it/en/node/6398
Year established1986

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