EWG EWGLA, EURO working group on Locational Analysis

EWG EWGLA, EURO working group on Locational Analysis
NameEWG EWGLA, EURO working group on Locational Analysis
AnnouncementThe 24th EWGLA meeting will be held in Edinburgh, UK in May 2018, organized by Sergio Garcia and Jörg Kalcsics.
NewsletterRegularly messages are sent around by the coordinators concerning conferences, new publications and other information related to and/or of interest to the members. Members or other interested should send their messages to the moderator.
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BoardSergio García Quiles (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Jörg Kalcsics (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Olivier Péton (Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France)
Coordinator Sergio García Quiles
[email protected]
University of Edinburgh
School of Mathematics
King's Buildings
Peter Guthrie Tait Road
EH9 3FD Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Phone: 07563142060
Coordinator Jörg Kalcsics
[email protected]
University of Edinburgh
School of Mathematics
King's Buildings
Peter Guthrie Tait Road
EH9 3FD Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)131 650 5953
Coordinator Olivier Péton
[email protected]
IMT Atlantique
4 rue Alfred Kastler
44307 Nantes
Phone: +33251858313
Purpose and historyEWGLA is a Working Group devoted to Locational Analysis within EURO. It was born during the first EURO Summer Institute, held at Brussels, July/August 1984, devoted to the subject of Location Theory. The main aim of starting up the Working Group was to provide a network of people working together in the field of Locational Analysis and to keep continuity in the exchanges between the Summer Institute's participants. Since that time the group has experienced important growth, in particular thanks to the Twelfth EURO Summer Institute, again devoted to Location theory, and held at Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, June 1995, organised by laureates of the first ESI, and the EURO Winter Institute on Location and Logistics in Estoril, Portugal in jan-feb 2007, organised by laureates of the 1995 ESI.
The scope and purpose of the group have strongly evolved. Friendship among its members continues however to play an important role.


The subjects of interest to the group are of many kinds, centering on the optimal choice of locations for one or more objects (usually called facilities), within any framework (the classical settings being discrete, network and planar). Many other fields have direct connections with locational analysis and location theory, either by subject such as transportation and routing, supply chain management, environmental studies, layout and design, data and cluster analysis, or as techniques, like mathematical (linear, integer, non-linear, convex, global, ...) programming, multicriteria analysis, approximation theory, computational geometry, statistics, etc.

EWGLA has become a vehicle of communication between all persons interested in Location and related topics in Operations Research in Europe and abroad. The major goal is to stimulate the exchange of information and collaboration in research and applications, and to promote the ideas and methods developed within the field. Several instruments are used to this end.


The group holds yearly meetings organised by one of its members (see details below). Anyone interested in presenting their work, participating in the discussions, or more simply learning and/or consulting about subjects related with locational analysis may join the group and its meetings; their participation will be greatly appreciated. Either theoretical contributions (concepts, methods, etc.), applied research, and the presentation of software, are welcome. Communications, discussions or surveys on new applications, open problems, connections between the field of location theory and related areas are of interest. These meetings have always been an enjoyable and very friendly come together of a relatively small but cosy, enthusiastic and energetic group, stimulated by their common centre of interest. Refereed proceedings of each meeting are usually published, and provided free of charge to the participants.

Communication within the group is achieved in two main ways: the website and the list-server.

The first contact-point is the EWGLA website.
This website is a tool for first contact and/or entry in the field, for researchers working in the field, and last but not least for anyone in need of information about the field of location analysis in view of applications. It is our primary means of promotion, communication, and open entry point to anyone interested in the topic of location.

Anyone interested in detailed and/or up to date information around Locational Analysis and EWGLA is advised to check this site. The website provides a general literature list, a PhD theses repository, and information about software and test instances, and gives general information about our group, its meetings and other activities, and news related to the group's center of interest.

The second and more direct way of communicating between the members was established through the EWGLA list-server. Any message sent to the EWGLA listserver. is distributed to all EWGLA members.

Regularly messages are sent around by the EWGLA Board concerning conferences, new publications and other information related to and/or of interest to the members.
MembersOctober 2016: 278.

To become a member of EWGLA (free of any charge), please contact the EWGLA board ([email protected]) together with the following information:

name | surname | university/institution | faculty | department | address | zip code | city | country | institutional phone | institutional fax | personal phone (optional) | personal fax (optional) | e-mai | url.
Past activitiesEWGLA XXIII

The 23rd Meeting of EWGLA, organized by Enrique Dominguez was held in Malaga, Spain on September 14-16, 2016. For further details see the EWGLA 2016 website

Earlier Meetings

EWGLA 1 - Nov. 27-28 , 1985, Dijon, France. Org. R. Durier and C. Michelot.
EWGLA 2 - Oct 9-10, 1986, Herceg-Novi, Yugoslavia, Org. N. Mladenovic and J. Petric.
EWGLA 3 - Sept 21-24, 1988, Sevilla, Spain. Org. B. Pelegrin and F. R. Fernandez.
EWGLA 4 - July 3-6, 1989, Chios, Greece. Org. B. Boffey and J. Karkazis.
EWGLA 5 - Sept 3-6, 1990, Namur, Belgium. Org. F. Orban-Ferauge and J. P. Rasson.
EWGLA 6 - April 20-25, 1992, Puerto de la Cruz, Spain, Org. J. M. Moreno.
EWGLA 7 - May 9-11, 1994, Brussels, Belgium. Org. F. Plastria.
EWGLA 8 - Sept 24-28, 1995, Lambrecht, Germany. Org. H. Hamacher and S. Nickel.
EWGLA 9 - Sept 5-8, 1996, Birmingham, United Kingdom. Org. S. Said and B. Boffey.
EWGLA 10 - Feb 10-13, 1998, Murcia, Spain. Org. B. Pelegrin.
EWGLA 11- ISOLDE VIII, June 23-29 1999, Coimbra/Estoril (Portugal), Org. J. Coutinho-Rodrigues and A. Antunes.
EWGLA 12 - Dec 14- 17, 2000, Barcelona, Spain, Org. D. Serra.
EWGLA 13 - Nov 28 - Dec 2, 2001, Volos, Greece, Org. Y. Photis.
EWGLA 14 - Sep 11 - 13, 2003, Corfu, Greece, Org. M. Dimopoulou, I. Giannikos.
EWGLA 15 - Sep 5-8, 2004, Saarbruecken, Germany, Org. S.Nickel.
EWGLA 16 - Feb 9-11, 2007, Estoril, Portugal, Org. M.Ndiaye, F.Saldanha
EWGLA 17 - Sep 17-19, 2008, Elche, Spain, Org. M. Landete
EWGLA 18 - Apr 28-30, 2010, Naples, Italy, Org. G. Bruno
EWGLA 19 - Oct 12-14, 2011, Nantes, France, Org. O. Péton
EWGLA 20 - Apr 17-19, 2013, Ankara, Turkey, Org. S.A. Alumur and B.Y. Kara
EWGLA 21 - ISOLDE XIII - June 16-20, 2014, Naples and Capri, Italy, Org. G. Bruno
EWGLA 22 - May 20-22, 2015, Budapest, Hungary, Org. B.-G. Toth

EWI 2007 Location and Logistics

EWI 2007 has been held from Jan 26 to Feb 11 in Estoril, Portugal, organized by F. Saldanha da Gama.

25 promising young European researchers in the areas of Location and Logistics, selected by their national OR society, have taken part in this two week seminar. They presented their own unpublished work, attended several seminars by well known researchers in the area and participated in workshops and a common research activity. The EWI ended by a participation in the EWGLA meeting. For details see the EWI website.
Future activitiesEWGLA 2018

The 24th EWGLA meeting will be held in Edinburgh, UK in May 2018, organized by Sergio Garcia and Jörg Kalcsics.
PublicationsIII Meeting EURO Working Group on Locational Analysis, 226p.
Editor: B. PELEGRIN.
Publicaciones de la Universidad de Sevilla, 1988, ISBN: 84-7405-419-2

EWGLA4 - Proceedings, 249 p.
Editors: J. KARKAZIS and T.B. BOFFEY.
Studies in Locational Analysis
, Vol 1.

Proceedings of Meeting V of the EURO Working Group on Locational Analysis, 203p.
Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de La Paix, Namur, 1990

Proceedings of VI meeting of the EURO Working Group on Locational Analysis, 215p.
Universidad de La Laguna, Departamento de Estadistica, Inverstigation Operativa y Computacion, Serie Informes no. 34, 1992. ISBN 84-7756-369-1

EWGLA 7 Proceedings, 225 p.
Guest-editor: F. PLASTRIA.
Studies in Locational Analysis
, Vol 7, 1994.

Recent Advances in Locational Analysis, 176 p.
Guest-editors: H. HAMACHER, K. KLAMROTH and S. NICKEL (sponsored by EURO).
Studies in Locational Analysis
, Issue 10, 1996.

EWGLA9 Proceedings, 241 p.
Guest-editor: B. BOFFEY and S. SAID (sponsored by EURO).
Studies in Locational Analysis
, Issue 11, 1997.

Selected papers of EWGLA 10, 291p.
Guest-editor: B.PELEGRIN (sponsored by EURO).
Studies in Locational Analysis
, Issue 14, 2000.

Selected papers of EWGLA 12, 90p.
Studies in Locational Analysis
, Issue 16, 2007.

Selected papers of EWGLA 14.
Guest Editors: Maria Dimopoulou and Ioannis Giannikos, .
European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 179, Issue 3, 16 June 2007, Pages 923-1287.
See the editorial
Advances in Location Analysis

Selected papers from EWGLA 15 have been published in a feature issue of Computers and Operations Research (volume 35, 2008), edited by Stefan Nickel.

Selected papers from EWI 2007 on Location and Logistics have been published in a feature issue of OR Spectrum in Logistics Network Design (volume 31, 2009), edited by Stefan Nickel and Francisco Saldanha da Gama.

Selected papers from EWGLA 17 have been published in a feature issue of TOP (volume 18, 2010), edited by Mercedes Landete.

A special issue on "Recent Advances in Location Analysis" appeared in Computers & Operations Research, Vol. 62, pages 131-355, 2015.
Year established1984

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