--- INACTIVE --- EWG EUROBANKING, Special interest group in banking

Name--- INACTIVE --- EWG EUROBANKING, Special interest group in banking
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Purpose and historyThe group was set up in 1975 in Brussels as The European Working Group on Operational Research in Banking at the EURO 1 Conference sponsored by the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS). Since renamed Eurobanking, the group has arranged 32 meetings at which over 900 papers have been presented and discussed.

The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for professionals in European banks to exchange and discuss ideas about the techniques, experience, philosophy and application of operational research and other quantitative and analytic techniques to bank management. It is also a forum for promoting wider understanding of these approaches amongst management, and meetings also include sessions devoted to broader strategic issues facing European banks at which distinguished external speakers are invited to present their views.
MembersOver 100.
Past activitiesThe group holds an annual meeting which is limited in size to a maximum of about 75 participants to ensure active participation and involvement of those attending. Some 35 papers are presented over three days in a number of workshops.

The group organizes itself on a voluntary basis through a network of National Coordinators, one for each of the 23 countries currently represented in the group. A different country hosts the meeting each year, and the National Coordinator of the host country normally acts as the Chairman. There is no formal central resource, though one of the members is acting as Secretary General to the group for a number of years to provide a focal point and continuity. National Coordinators meet with the Chairman and the Secretary General twice a year as the Executive Committee. The addresses of the National Coordinators are listed in www.eurobankingonline.net.

The 2004 meeting was hosted by Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank in Budapest on May 17-19. The programme included 32 presentations in sessions covering Strategic Management, Distribution Channels, Credit Risk, Asset & Liability Management, Basel II and Mergers & Acquisitions.
Future activitiesThe next Eurobanking meeting will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 22-25, 2005. The meeting is hosted by Nordea and the Chairman is Mr Jens Holten Larsen (e-mail [email protected]). The programme includes sessions on Emerging Markets and Offers to Customers, Planning and Control, Risk Strategy, Strategic Management, Credit Risk Management, Market Risk Management, Financial Fragility and Country Risk, and Networking.

The 2006 Eurobanking meeting will be hosted by Croatia.
Year established1975

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