EWG PRM, EURO working group on Pricing and Revenue Management

EWG PRM, EURO working group on Pricing and Revenue Management
NameEWG PRM, EURO working group on Pricing and Revenue Management
AnnouncementThe first meeting of the EURO Working Group on Pricing and Revenue Management will take place at KLU Kühne Logistics University , in Hamburg on 21-22 April 2016.  
The EURO Working Group on Pricing and Revenue Management’s conference is an annual meeting bringing together the large community of researchers and practitioners interested in Pricing and Revenue Management. The conference is open to high quality methodological contributions, relevant real-world applications, and case studies from industry and the service sector.

Abstract submission 
Submissions are in the form of a (max.) 250-words abstracts. Abstracts should be sent to Luce Brotcorne ([email protected]) before 14 April 2016.

Keynote speaker:
Costis Maglaras, Columbia University

Title: Social learning, social networks, and revenue management

Abstract: In the first part of this talk I will provide an overview of the emerging literature on social learning and social networks, offering a glimpse of the questions, modeling approaches and main results addressed in the related engineering, economics and sociology work. In the second part of the talk I will overview problems of revenue maximization that focus on pricing decisions, targeting and optimized promotion campaigns in settings with social learning and network effects. In the context of these questions, I will describe an asymptotic analysis framework that leads to tractable characterizations of these problems and interesting structural insights.

Organizing committee:
Luce Brotcorne (INRIA, France) 
Joern Meissner (KLU, Germany) 

 Important dates 
April 14, 2016: Abstract submission deadline 
April 21-22 2016: Meeting
Student: 50 euros 
Regular: 100 euros
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Coordinator Luce Brotcorne
[email protected]
Parc Scientifique de la Haute Borne
40 avenue Halley, Bat a Park Plaza
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq
Phone: 33 3 59 358629
Coordinator Joern Meissner
[email protected]
Kuehne Logistics University
Url: http://www.meiss.com
Purpose and historyPricing has been around for as long as long as there has been trading. But pricing is distinct from revenue management. The new EURO Working Group (EWG)’s goal is to promote the concept of revenue management. The latter focuses on data, mathematics and computers in order to achieve a better understanding of purchasing behavior and to produce a better pricing model. Pricing techniques that we focus on tend to be operational. They answer such questions as: What price do I offer the next customer who walks through the door? These are not the kinds of questions that marketing departments ask. They, for example, want to determine static price lists and run promotions. Revenue management techniques in particular are frequently used in high volume, computer-automated transactions of the kind that characterizes the travel industry, in which millions of forecasts and price changes occur every day.

The purpose of this new EURO Working Group is to advance the development and application of Operations Research methods, techniques and tools as they apply to the field of Pricing and Revenue Management. The group’s meetings should encourage the exchange of information among practitioners, users, and researchers in the area of Revenue Management and Pricing.
Year established2010

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