EWG STOCHMOD, EURO working group on Stochastic Modelling

EWG STOCHMOD, EURO working group on Stochastic Modelling
NameEWG STOCHMOD, EURO working group on Stochastic Modelling
AnnouncementStochMod 2018: 13-15 June, Lancaster University, UK

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BoardApostolos Burnetas, Athens
Philippe Chevalier, Louvain-la-Neuve
Oualid Jouini, Paris
Fikri Karaesmen, Istanbul
Ger Koole, Amsterdam
Raik Stolletz, Mannheim
Nico Vandaele, Leuven
Coordinator Raik Stolletz
[email protected]
University of Mannheim
Chair of Production Management
68131 Mannheim
Phone: ++49 621 181 1577
Purpose and historyThis working group was formed to serve as the platform for researchers in Stochastic Modeling in Europe. The working group was formed in 2006, in which year its first workshop was held, in Amsterdam. After that workshops were held in Istanbul, Nafplio (Greece), and Paris. The fifth workshop will be held in Mannheim, June 2014.
MembersOver 300, with an attendance of 60 at the workshop in Mannheim.
Past activities- First workshop April 2006 Amsterdam, VU University
- Second workshop June 2008 Istanbul, KoƧ University
- Third workshop June 2010 Nafplio, organized by the University of Athens
- Fourth workshop June 2012 Paris, Ecole Centrale
- Fifth workshop June 2014, University of Mannheim, Germany
- Six workshop, Belgium, 2016.
Organizer: Prof.Philippe Chevalier, Louvain-la-Neuve
Future activitiesStochMod 2018: 13-15 June, Lancaster University, UK


StochMod - the biennial meeting of the EURO Working Group on Stochastic Modelling - is the premier European forum for researchers who have an interest in stochastic modelling. Its seventh edition will take place in Lancaster - a home to the renowned Lancaster University Management School and a gateway to the UK's largest national park, Lake District. The co-chairs, Rouba Ibrahim and Peter Jacko invite you to take part in this meeting and look forward to seeing you!
Invited Keynote Speakers

Prof. Margaret Brandeau (Stanford University, Department of Management Science and Engineering, US)
Prof. Kevin Glazebrook (Lancaster University, Management School, UK)
Prof. Warren B. Powell (Princeton University, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, US)
Prof. Kalyan Talluri (Imperial College London, Business School, UK)

Important Dates

- Abstract submission: Wed 14 February 2018
- Notification of acceptance: Wed 14 March 2018
- Early registration: Wed 11 April 2018
- StochMod: Wed 13 - Fri 15 June 2018
Year established2005

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