Applying O.R. to make an impact


Welcome to the EURO working group on Practice of OR/Practitioners’ Forum. We are a community of practitioners of operations research and we are always excited to make new connections.

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Upcoming events

30 June – 3 July 2024
14 – 15 October 2024:

What’s going on right now?

EURO Practitioners’ Forum FIRST FRIDAY WEBINARS on OR in practice were a great success since 2020 and will continue in the future. The recordings, abstracts and presentations of these webinars are available below, for details on upcoming events and webinars, please follow our social media accounts above.

Earlier events

What is the group about?

The EWG-POR aims to bring together all practitioners of OR and analytics who work with clients and problem-owners to help them make better decisions, design better systems, and achieve better insights. Together, we can:

  • highlight and share the practical considerations that make doing OR in the real world so interesting and so challenging – the people who must be involved, the unique details of the specific problem situation, the multiple and sometimes hidden objectives
  • exchange ideas, knowledge and expertise about ways of developing and improving practice
  • develop networks that can be used for collaborations or for support
  • make visible the importance of the practice of OR, in EURO.

If you have any suggestions or questions, an event you want to publicise, an issue you want to share, a blog or a case study you want to post, a question you want to put to the community:  please contact one of the coordinators.


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