Working group meeting February 2018 – Documentation

Our first working group meeting was held in Paris in February of 2018, this page is about collecting some documentation from that meeting. This documentation is for several reasons not exhaustive; some organizations that were fine with presenting still didn’t want to have their presentations published, some interesting discussions were held at lunches and coffee breaks and even though we do publish summaries of the parallel discussing sessions it’s impossible to completely document such a session.

We do hope however that you will find the documentation we have collected valuable and hope to see you at our next working meeting in Bologna (details to come later but most likely in the beginning of 2019).


Here is the final flyer inviting to the meeting:

EURO practice of OR conference Parirs-Saclay 15-16 feb

Here is presentations from some different organizations that were presented at the working group meeting:

Air Liquid (New!)



Government Operational Research Service


Here we have the summary of the parallel sessions held at day 2:

Measuring Impacts of OR

How to increase impact of OR

OR and machine learning

And the full list of abstracts presented: