Making an Impact at EURO 2018

The working group held a very full schedule with a session in every time-slot and one time-slot even two sessions in parallel. We had 8 workshops, 3 discussions with a panel, a speed-networking session and a session full of 5-minutes practitioners presentations. You can see the program below (press the link for a pdf-version).

Making an Impact at a glance

On average it was 10-30 persons on the different sessions which is a number we are content with even though we hope that it will be even higher in Dublin next year.

The nature of both work-shops and panel discussions is that you really need to have been there to get the most of it. Compared to a presentation it requires much more effort to do good post-production of the material and therefore we are even more grateful to those who did.

TD-55, Vera van den Dool and Gerben Groenendijk: OR in Practice: The Human Factor

WD-55, Ruth Kaufman: Ethical dilemmas in every day practice

WC-55, Kim Warren: Living Business Models – fast, effective, reliable

There might be more sessions to come, stay updated.