Working Group Meeting 2019

2nd conference of the EURO Working Group on the Practice of Operations Research

Bologna, March 11-12, 2019

Ruth Kaufman (EWG-POR Chairman) and Matteo Pozzi (OPTIT)

The second conference of the EURO working group on Practice of OR ended successfully: the two-day meeting brought together more than 130 practitioners and academics of Operation Research and Machine Learning to discuss on “OPERATION RESEARCH MEETS MACHINE LEARNING. How to get the most of both worlds to achieve excellent Decision Support System”.

The event represented a strategic meeting place for comparing best practices and new ideas of technologies on how to transform data into a business value.

The outstanding speakers were numerous, among them Mauricio Resende, principal scientist of Amazon, and Raffaele Maccioni, founder and CEO of ACTOR Group.

The book of abstracts and the following presentations authorised for publication provide an overview of the event:

The parallel sessions held on Tuesday 13th were focused on:

  • Does the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) make European.  Analytics different from the rest of the world? Moderator: Joaquim Gromicho, ORTEC
  • How does OR-based DSS benefit from ML technology? Moderator: Sofiane Oussedik, IBM France
  • Optimizing from data: will ML marry OR? Moderator: Daniele Vigo, University of Bologna
  • What does the analytics maturity curve look like? What is it likely to become? Moderator: Matteo Pozzi, Optit

Finally, the conference was an opportunity to take stock of the relevant initiatives in OR and ML in the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy) thanks to:

Together with the EWG on Practice of OR, the conference has been supported by IBM, ACTOR, AIRO, FICO, OPTIT, ORTEC, PTV Group, Fondazione Golinelli, under the auspices of ASTER and of the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering of the University of Bologna.

Some pictures of presenters