BORBS XIV: Behavioural Operations and Behavioural Operational Research: Similarities and Differences

Martin Kunc, Professor of Management Science, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton Abstract Gino and Pisano (2007) suggest “behavioural operations is the study of attributes of human behaviour and cognition […]

BORBS XIII: Decision making with AI

Michael Leyer, University of Marburg/Queensland University of Technology Abstract AI in its various forms has emerged as a new actor that often is a black box in giving recommendations and […]

BORBS XII: Cognitive operations: Models that open the black box and predict our decisions

Konstantinos Katsikopoulos, Professor of Behavioural Science, Director of Research, University of Southampton Business School Abstract How do people make decisions under risk and uncertainty in operational settings? How to open […]

BORBS XI: Process Tracing and Attention in Multiattribute Choice

Ilkka Leppanen, Ilkka Leppänen, School of Business, Aalto University Abstract Decision making among options with many attributes is commonplace in various contexts. I study multiattribute choice problems using process tracing […]

BORBS X: Is BOR research making an impact on enabling transitions to sustainable infrastructures?

Katharina Burger, The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, Faculty of the Built Environment, UK June 8th 2023 12 PM to 12.40 PM (UK GMT-1) 1 PM; to 1.40 PM (CET, […]

BORBS IX: Tracing group conflict paths in a model-driven support environment: A cognitive motivation perspective

L. Alberto Franco, Loughborough University, Loughborough, United Kingdom Ayşegül Engin (presenting author), University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria Etiënne A.J.A. Rouwette, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands April 27th 2023 12 PM […]

BOR B2S2 VIII: The behavior of demand planners: their effectiveness in using diverse information

Robert Fildes (presenting author), Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) and Founding Director, Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting, Lancaster University Management School, UK Paul Goodwin, Professor Emeritus, School of Management, University of […]

BOR B2S2 VII: The Behavioural Dimensions of Sustainable Energy Transitions – Opportunities and Research Requirements for Behavioural OR

In cooperation with INESC Coimbra Valentin Bertsch (presenting author), Professor of Energy Systems and Energy Economics, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany The research presented draws on a variety of findings from different […]

BOR B2S2 VI: Do Non-Linear Utility Functions Matter? Unique Insights Derived from almost 2.000 High-Quality Real-World Decisions

Mendy Tönsfeuerborn (presenting author), RWTH Aachen University, Decision Theory and Financial Services Group, 52062 Aachen, Germany Johannes Ulrich Siebert (presenting author), Management Center Innsbruck, Department Business and Management, 6020 Innsbruck, […]

BOR B2S2 V: Confidence in negotiation processes – From analytical models to recommendations

Rudolf Vetschera (presenting author), University of Vienna (based on joint work with Luis Dias, Coimbra and Pascale Zaraté, Toulouse) Abstract: Existing (game theoretic) models of bargaining do not capture the […]

BOR B2S2 IV: Modelling fairness in supply chains, April 14th, 12 AM to 12.40 PM (UK GMT-1)

Andreas Größler (presenting author), (Institute of Business Administration, Operations Management Department, University of Stuttgart) Ivan Dula, (Institute of Business Administration, Operations Management Department, University of Stuttgart) April 14th, 2022 12 […]

BOR B2S2 III: Modelling the impact of COVID-19 on the health system capacity in Latin America

Kathya Cordova-Pozo (presenting author) (Institute for Management Research, Radboud University, P.O. Box 9108, 6500 HK Nijmegen, The Netherlands), Hubert Korzilius (presenting author), (Institute for Management Research, Radboud University, P.O. Box […]

BOR B2S2 II: Game-based approaches in OR: Why not?

Alice H. Aubert (Eawag – Swiss federal institute of aquatic science and technology) December 9th, 2021, 12 AM to 12.40 PM (UK GMT-1) 1 PM; to 1.40 PM (CET, Berlin) […]

BOR B2S2 I: Numerical Cognition and Risky Preference Formation Under Cognitive Uncertainty

Tianqi Hu (Loughborough University), Ilkka Leppänen (Loughborough University), L. Alberto Franco (Loughborough University), Maxwell Shinn (University College London Abstract: Subjective uncertainty about what the best decision is, also known as […]