The EURO working group on Behavioural OR  was established in January 2017.

For example, we have witnessed the highly attended BOR sessions at IFORS 2014 (Barcelona) and EURO 2015 (Glasgow), as well as the high number of sessions scheduled at the EURO 2016 (Poznan). Indeed, the BOR sessions have run throughout the entire duration of a conference.

In addition, the
EJOR Special Issue on BOR, published in March 2016, attracted a high number of submissions. The resulting collection of papers in that issue covered a wide range of behavioural-related topics in OR (e.g. behaviour with models, modelling behaviour), used both experimental and field research methods, and cut across a number of approaches (e.g. decision analysis simulation, forecasting, problem structuring methods, system dynamics, optimisation).

Finally, the BOR website portal was launched, and the first BOR Summer School hosted by Aalto University was successful with excellent feedback from participants. There is also an edited BOR book “Behavioral Operational Research: Theory, Methodology and Practice” from the editors Martin Kunc, Jonathan Malpass, and Leroy White.