Behavioural insights for better OR


Welcome to the collaboration platform of Behavioural Operational Research. This site is created to connect BOR people.

Our Core Definition of BOR

Central to the BOR agenda is the understanding of how human behaviour affects, or is affected by, OR-supported activity, and the use of this understanding to improve OR practice and education.


Against this backdrop, we cordially invite contributions that explore behavioural issues in relation to OR, especially those that examine behaviour in OR-supported setting (see BOR Mission).


Upcomming BOR events

We present BOR contributions at the Brown Bag Lunch Seminar (see BOR Seminars). Find a complete list of organized events here. Other important events are for example:


History of EURO working group on Behavioural OR

The EURO working group on Behavioural OR  was established in January 2017. If you would like to be included as a member of the working group and be included in our mailing list please navigate to the become a member page on this website.

The special issue on BOR in EJOR came out in early 2016.

The IFORS meeting in Barcelona in July 2014 had the first stream of papers in BOR, followed by streams in EURO 2015 in Glasgow, EURO 2016 in Poznan, IFORS 2017 in Quebec, EURO 2018 in Valencia, EURO 2019 in Dublin, and in EURO 2021 Hybrid Conference in Athens where BOR was an area. The sessions were full and people were quite excited with lively discussions. You can find the slides of many of the key papers presented on our web site.