BORBS XIII: Decision making with AI

Michael Leyer, University of Marburg/Queensland University of Technology


AI in its various forms has emerged as a new actor that often is a black box in giving recommendations and making decisions. When working together with an instantiation of AI, we as humans are influenced in various ways: The way how we perceive the “coworker” is different to humans, our expectations/perceptions are different and change, we will change our decisions and so on. In the talk, I will provide an overview on the dimensions and developments as well as relevant theories when interaction with AI in making decisions.

Why should you join?

OR and information systems are exciting to combine and AI applications will change also our work

April 11th 2024

12 PM to 12.40 PM (UK GMT-1)

1 PM; to 1.40 PM (CET, Berlin)

Comment: In case of technical problems, please visit before the start of the meeting.