BORBS XIV: Behavioural Operations and Behavioural Operational Research: Similarities and Differences

Martin Kunc, Professor of Management Science, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton


Gino and Pisano (2007) suggest “behavioural operations is the study of attributes of human behaviour and cognition that impact the design, management, and improvement of operating systems, and the study of the interaction between such attributes and operating systems and processes.” On the other hand, “Behavioural operational research is defined as the study of behavioural aspects related to the use of operational research methods in modelling, problem solving and decision support.” (Hämäläinen, Luoma, and Saarinen, 2013). These two emergent streams in their respective fields have many aspects in common but they also focus on different issues using dissimilar approaches. This presentation will discuss them.

Why should you join?

To learn more about the differences and similarities between behavioural OR and Operations.

June 13th 2024

12 PM to 12.40 PM (UK GMT-1)

1 PM; to 1.40 PM (CET, Berlin)

Meeting-ID: 833 7101 5263

Kenncode: 795534

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