VeRoLog Solver Challenge

VeRoLog Solver Challenge (VSC) is aimed at promoting the development of effective algorithms for real-world applications in Vehicle Routing. The problem subject of the challenge is defined with the collaboration of a company and will be accompanyied by real-world instances of the problem.

The solver can be shared on individual request. Please contact Güneş Erdoğan.

VSC 2014: The first edition of the challenge was organized in 2013/14 with the help of PTV and regarded the Swap-Body VRP. You find here the call. Out of more 25 intial teams ten finalist teams passed the preselection and submitted their codes:

The winners were declared in Oslo on June 25, 2014 and are available here

VSC 2015: you find here the call for the 2015 edition

VSC 2016/17: The VSC was a huge success. Some of  the ranking of the third VeRoLog solver challenge can be found here. The winners were announced during the VeRoLog conference at the VU Amsterdam (July 10-12, 2017). Further information can be found here.

VSC 2019: The VeRoLog Solver Challenge 2019 revolves around an exciting routing problem which combines distribution and subsequent installation of equipment, such as vending machines. We challenge you to use your creativity, problem solving and programming skills to find the cheapest solution. Further information can be found here.