VeRoLog Solver Challenge 2014

VeRoLog Solver Challenge is aimed at promoting the development of effective algorithms for real-world applications in Vehicle Routing. The problem subject of the challenge is defined with the collaboration of a company and will be accompanyied by real-world instances of the problem.

The first edition of the challenge was organized in 2013/14 with the help of PTV and regarded the Swap-Body VRP. Out of more 25 intial teams ten finalist teams passed the preselection and submitted their codes:

The winners were declared in Oslo on June 25,2014 and were:

Rank Team # Affiliation Country Members
1 1 KU Leuven Belgium Jan Christiaens, Tony Wauters, Túlio Toffolo, Sam Van Malderen
2 11 FCEyN, Univ. de Buenos Aires Argentina Juan Jose Miranda Bront, Brian Curcio, Federico Pousa, Isabel Méndez-Díaz,  Agustin Montero, Paula Zabala
3 5 Helmut-Schmidt-University Germany Martin Josef Geiger, Sandra Huber
Finalist 2 Univ. of Maryland USA Oliver Lum, Xingyin Wang,  Ping Chen, Bruce Golden
Finalist 6 EMSE France Diego Cattaruzza, Nabil Absi, Dominique Feillet, Sylvain Housseman
Finalist 12 RANDOM, Univ. of Twente Netherlands Rick van Urk, A.E. Pérez Rivera
Finalist 13 Univ. of Sarajevo Bosnia Vedran Muhović, Mirsad Buljubasic, Michel Vasquez,  Haris Gavranovic
Finalist 20 Univ. de Valenciennes France Raca Todosijevic, Said Hanafi, Bassem Jarboui, Nenad Mladenovic, Dragan Urosevic
Finalist 22 Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications China Mingliang Tao, Yateng Hong, Jun Li, Meng Wang
Finalist 25 Warwick Business School U.K. Vladimir Deineko, Vinh Doan,  Alexander Tiskin