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VeRoLog is the Working Group on Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization within EURO, the Association of the European Operational Research Societies.

Vehicle Routing optimization is at the core of Logistics and Supply Chain Management as well as people Transportation activities, and is a very active research area in Operations Research that sees an intense contribution from a large number of researchers working in European Universities, Research Centres and Companies.

The purpose of VeRoLog is to constitute an aggregation and reference point for the rich and active research community in order to:

  • favour the development and application of Operations Research models, methods and tools to the field of Vehicle Routing and Logistics.
  • encourage the exchange of information among practitioners, end-users, and researchers in the area of Vehicle Routing and Logistics, stimulating the work on new and important problems with sound scientific methods.
  • actively promote the interest on Vehicle Routing and Logistics in the scientific community by organizing dedicated workshops and conferences as well as contributing to all major ones with sessions and streams, offering specialized schools and seminars, editing special and contributed issues  in the most important scientific journals.
  • facilitate the networking activities that are crucial for the proposition of successful international research and industrial projects.
  • enhance professional opportunities for its members both in the academia and industry.

For any communications concerning the working group use our mail address.

VeRoLog newsletter deadline for submission of content

The content of the VeRoLog newsletter is selected from the suggestions submitted until the 10th of each month.

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