List of recent Ph.D. Theses related to Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization

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Tino Henke. Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany. “Multi-Compartment Vehicle Routing Problems in the Context of Glass Waste Collection”. February 2018. Supervisor: Gerhard Wäscher. Co-supervisor: M. Grazia Speranza.


Claudio Gambella. University of Bologna. “Mathematical Optimization for Routing and Logistic Problems”. May 2016. Supervisor: Daniele Vigo. Co-supervisor: Andrea Lodi.


Diego Cattaruzza. Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne. “Vehicle Routing for City Logistics”. March 2014. Supervisor: Dominique Feillet. Co-supervisor: Nabil Absi.


Christian E. M. Plum, Technical University of Denmark. “Optimization of  Container Line Networks with Flexible Demands”, June 2013. Supervisor: David  Pisinger, Co-supervisors: Mikkel Mühldorff Sigurd and Juan-José Salazar-Gonzaléz.

Duygu Tas, Eindhoven University of Technology, “Time and Reliability in Vehicle Routing Problems”, September 2013. Supervisors: Tom Van Woensel, Ton de Kok and Nico Dellaert.

Magnus Stalhane, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. “Optimization of maritime routing and scheduling problems with complicating inter-route constraints”. 2013. Supervisors: Marielle Christiansen, Kjetil Fagerholt and Henrik Andersson. This Thesis received the VeRoLog Doctoral Dissertation Prize 2014.


Yossiri Adulyasak

Berit Brouer

Kris Braekers, Hasselt University, Belgium. “Optimization of empty container movements in intermodal transport”, September 2012. Supervisor: Gerrit K. Janssens.

Daniel Chemla

Leandro C. Coelho, HEC Montréal, Canada. “Flexibility and Consistency in Inventory-Routing”, October 12, 2012. Supervisors:  Jean-François Cordeau and Gilbert Laporte.

Benjamin Dussault. University of Maryland,  USA. “Modeling and Solving Arc Routing Problems in Street Sweeping and Snow Plowing”, August 2012. Supervisor: Bruce L. Golden.

Francesco Ferrucci

Hanna Grzybowska

Rafael Martinelli

Dimitri Papageorgiou

Victor Pillac

Jorgen G. Rakke

Tania Ramos

Roberto Roberti. University of Bologna, Italy. “Algorithms for Different Classes of Vehicle Routing Problems”, 2012. Supervisors: Aristide Mingozzi and Paolo Toth. This thesis received the VeRoLog Doctoral Dissertation Prize 2013.

Michael Schneider. University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. “New Challenges in Time-Definite Vehicle Routing”, 2012. Supervisors: Oliver Wendt and Daniele Vigo.

Markovits Somogyi

Anand Subramanian

Andreas Stenger. Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. Outsourcing in Location and Route Planning for Small Package Shippers, 2012. Supervisors: Wolfgang Konig and Daniele Vigo.

Fabio Usberti

Thibaut Vidal. Universitè de Technologie de Troyes, France and Universitè de Montréal, Canada. “General Solution Approaches for Multi-Attribute Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problems”. Supervisors: Theo Crainic, Michel Gendreau, Chrisitian Prins. This thesis received the VeRoLog Doctoral Dissertation Prize 2013.


Line Blander Reinhardt, DTU Management, Technical University of Denmark, “Routing and scheduling problems”, 140 pages, 2011. Supervisors: David Pisinger, Oli Madsen, Brian Kallehauge.

Adamo Bosco, Università della Calabria, Italy, “A Branch and Cut Approach for the Mixed Capacitated General Routing Problem”, 2011. Supervisor: Demetrio Lagana’.

Claudio Contardo, Université de Montréal, “Models and algorithms for the capacitated location-routing problem”, 173 pages, 2011. Supervisors Jean-François Cordeau, Bernard Gendron.

Jan Fabian Ehmke, Technical University of Braunschweig, “Integration on Information and Optimization Models for Routing in City Logistics”, 2011. Supervisors: Dirk Mattfeld and Leena Suhl.

Jalel Euchi, Université de Sfax, “Metaheuristics approaches to solve some variants of the heterogenous fixed fllet vehicle routing problems” 163 pages, 2011. Supervisors: Habib Chabchoub, Adnan Yassine.

Mads Kehlet Jepsen, DTU Management, Technical University of Denmark, “Branch-and-cut and Branch-and-cut-and-price Algorithms for Solving Vehicle Routing Problems”, 2011. Supervisor: David Pisinger.

Hongtao Lei, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China,”Stochastic and Dynamic Logistics Networks Optimization”, 176 pages, 2011. Supervisors: Bo Guo and Gilbert Laporte.

Simona Mancini, Politecnico di Torino, Italy, “The Two-Echelon Vehicle Routing Problem”, 2011.Supervisor: Guido Perboli.

Jesus Arturo Orozco Leyva, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Department of Statistics and Operations Research, “A Microscopic Traffic Simulation Based Decision Support System for Real-Time Fleet Management”, 222 pages, 2011. Supervisor: Jaume Barcelo Bugeda.

Bjorn Petersen, DTU Management, Technical University of Denmark, “Shortest Paths and Vehicle Routing Problems”, 2011. Supervisor: David Pisinger. This thesis received the VeRoLog Doctoral Dissertation Prize 2012.

Ricardo Pinto Ferreira, Nove de Julho University, São Paulo, Brazil, “Combination of Artificial Intelligence techniques for prediction the behavior of urban vehicular traffic in city of São Paulo”, 107 pages, 2011. Supervisor: Renato José Sassi.

Michael Schilde, University of Vienna, Austria, “Solution Methods for Dynamic Stochastic Dial-a-Ride Problem with Time-Dependent Travel Speeds, 2011. Supervisor: Richard Hartl.

Ilaria Vacca, Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne, Switzerland, “Container Terminal Management: Integrated Models and Large-Scale Optimization Algorithms”, 2011. Supervisors: Michel Bierlaire and Matteo Salani.

Nicolaj Van Omme, Dept. de Genie Informatique et Genie Logiciel, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada, “Le Probleme du Postier Chinois Cumulatif”, 235 pages, 2011. Supervisors: Michel Gendreau and Patrick Soriano.


Maria Battarra, DEIS University of Bologna, Italy, “Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for Routing Problems”, 2011, Thesis extended abstract. 4OR, DOI: 10.1007/s10288-010-0141-9. Supervisor: Daniele Vigo.

Damon Gulczynski, University of Maryland, “Integer Programming-Based Heuristics for Vehicle Routing Problems”, 173 pages, 2010. Supervisor: Bruce Golden.

Julie Paquette, HEC Montréal, Canada, “Mesure de la qualité de service et confection de tournées en transport adapté”, 352 pages, 2010. Supervisors: Jean-François Cordeau and Gilbert Laporte.

Aliaksandr Shyshou, Molde University College, Norway, “Vessel Planning in Offshore Oil and Gas Operations”, 98 pages, 2010. Supervisors: Irina Gribkovskaia and Gilbert Laporte.


Gerardo Berbeglia, HEC Montréal, Canada, “Complexity Analyses and Algorithms for Pickup and Delivery Problems”, 184 pages, 2009. Supervisors: Jean-François Cordeau and Gilbert Laporte.

William Mennell, University of Maryland, “Heuristics for Solving Three Routing Problems: Close-Enough Traveling Salesman Problem, Close-Enough Vehicle Routing Problem, Sequence-Dependent Team Orienteering Problem”, 337 pages, 2009. Supervisor: Bruce Golden.

Sophie Parragh, Universitaet Wien, Austria, “Ambulance Routing Problems with Rich Constraints and Multiple Objectives”, 178 pages, 2009. Supervisor: Karl Doerner.

Matthias Prandtstetter, Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms, “Hybrid Optimization Methods for Warehouse Logistics and the Reconstruction of Destroyed Paper Documents”, December 2009. supervisor: G. Raidl.