Optit is an Italian company that produces advanced optimization tools for Logistics, Waste Collection, Energy Production and Workforce Management.

Optrak is a UK-based provider of Vehicle Routing and Scheduling software with a particular emphasis on building tailored solutions to suite client needs. Optrak’s facilities include integrated load planning for bulk products, pallets, roll-cages, mixed and custom configurations.

Procomp Solutions Oy is a Finnish software company that produces ERP and optimization solutions for logistics and workforce management.

Multi Solution Oy is a Finnish company with a game-changing real-time logistics optimization tool Smart Logistics. Smart Logistics is currently run in Finland and Baltics for transportation and production logistics optimization projects, also available in Europe soon.

Newronia develops vehicle routing optimisation software. It provides solutions both to end users with specific projects, as well as to software integrators through optimisation components.

GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH offers innovative and excellent consulting and software for optimisation, transport, logistics and supply chain management. Its TransIT system for vehicle routing optimisation is used by many leading companies from a wide variety of industries.

NetAkıl is an IT company skilled in specialized SaaS software. NetAkıl has been developing and serving, logvrp – The Route Planner since 2010. logvrp is one of the first SaaS software specialized for vehicle route optimization and fleet scheduling. is an innovative product that has unique features such as more than 1 vrp algorithm that run simultaneously, it is one of the first that introduced multi depot pick-up and delivery model, iit provides comparison of other solutions with logvrp ones. For researchers, logvrp provides special offers for academic usage and provides an SDK for developing new vrp algorithms and comparing them in logvrp with real life data.

A UK based company specialising in open source solutions to transport logistics problems. Their open source application ODL Studio uses the jsprit vehicle routing library to provide a fully-featured open source vehicle routing system.