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Name: Fatima Dargam Interests: Intelligent, distributed and cooperative web-based systems. Decision Support Systems using web technology. Big Data Analytics for Decision Making. Dynamic Multi-criteria Decision Making. Decision analysis. Knowledge management and decision making. Social networks relation to decision making. Ontology; Belief revision and updates. Knowledge representation. Theory and applications of inconsistent knowledge. Artificial Intelligence. Non-monotonic reasoning. Multi-agent systems; Expert systems.
Institution: SimTech Simulation Technology Personal Website:
Country: Austria Email: [email protected]
Name: Pavlos Delias Interests: Management Information Systems, Process Analytics, Operational Research, Multiple Criteria Decision Aid
Institution: Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology Personal Website:
Country: Greece Email: [email protected]
Name: Gama Harta Nugraha Nur Rahayu Interests: Decision Support Systems; Industrial Engineering and Management
Institution: Universitas Pancasila Personal Website:
Country: Indonesia Email: [email protected]
Name: Isabelle Linden Interests: Knowledge Modeling, Acquisition and Management Decision Support Systems, Business Information Systems Information Management, Intelligent Systems Coordination Languages and Models Formal Methods and Programming Methodologies Concurrent Programming and Distributed System
Institution: University of Namur Personal Website:
Country: Belgium Email: [email protected]
Name: Jason Papathanasiou Interests: Decision Support Systems
Institution: University of Macedonia Personal Website: -
Country: Greece Email: [email protected]
Name: Ali sorourkhah Interests: Operational Research (Soft OR) Decision-making Multi-methodology Robustness Analysis
Institution: ayandegan institute of higher education Personal Website:
Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of Email: [email protected]
Name: Leonilde Varela Interests: Manufacturing Management, Decision Support Systems, Web Applications, Collaborative decision making models, methods and tools.
Institution: Universidade do Minho Personal Website:
Country: Portugal Email: [email protected]
Name: PASCALE ZARATE Interests: DSS MCDA MCDM GDSS Cooperative Decision Making
Institution: 1964 Personal Website:
Country: France Email: [email protected]